Many people stay up at night picturing what their life would be like, where they would have been if certain happenings had occurred, who their parents would have been and what they imagine their future would be like. Others have their houses, phones, and diaries decorated with so many motivational quotes that inspire them to … Read more


             REASONS WHY PEOPLE RUSH INTO MARRIAGE. When you were young, your parents thought us how to focus on our education and practice good life and leave anything relationship, but there comes a time where this parental guidance will no longer be the primary thought as you grow older, hence the feeling to become a … Read more

All You Need To Know About Destiny

                                                                WHAT IS DESTINY Destiny is your purpose of existence or the gift you have inside you for human consumption, the gift is not for you but for the need of other people. The gift is the source of your value; your value comes from your gift. It is what you are created to do, … Read more

What is the meaning of life?

                                      THE MEANING OF LIFE. Life does not have any definite meaning. Life means different thing to different individual. The way we view or perceive life depends on our life experience, only person that can define life is you. You are your own meaning of life because you give life meaning. Some people give life … Read more

What is your Fear

                                                What You Should Know About Fear Fear is how our body reacts to our environment when facing physical, psychological and painful experience due to danger or threat. The way we experience … Read more