What is the meaning of life?

                                      THE MEANING OF LIFE.

Life does not have any definite meaning. Life means different thing to different individual.

The way we view or perceive life depends on our life experience, only person that can define life is you.

You are your own meaning of life because you give life meaning.

Some people give life meaning by setting goal or creating a task for themselves and try to accomplish it while others give life meaning by experiencing pain or going through suffering, they will have a clear view about life,

its meaning and what it appears to mean which on a normal circumstances, they will not bother about it.

Most individual find meaning of life in the dark places. And that brings my attention to 2 major things that give meaning to life, which are,

  1. World view meaning of life and
  2. Situational meaning of life.
  3. Worldview meaning of life is the fundamental believe and assumption of the world we live in, that is the orientation we had from childhood, how we understand or perceived universe to operates. What our environments thought us to believe which we hold as our norm while growing up. Family beliefs also play important role in our lives, we grew up to know that we belong to particular denomination and we will spend our whole life defending it to the whole world why it’s the best pattern of worship because it’s the orientation we had from childhood,

family culture or beliefs which shapes and mold us to  behave in a certain way.

  1. Situational meaning of life is what we experience in life as an individual, most often, stressful situation or our present circumstances can affect our life positively or negatively depending on what you have been through in life and how you respond to the situation.

Most times situational meaning of life opens the door for you to think deep which on a normal circumstance you will not do, to find meaning out of frustrating situation and start living a healthy life despite what is going on around you.

Sometimes it is a way of nature calling you to fulfil you purpose. For instance, a guy was living a luxury life, at that time, he thought he had his world under control, very arrogant and disrespectful, one day he was travelling and got involve in a car accident,

he nearly lost his life, he was in a comma for three months before waking up,

for some reason only God knows what happened and he started seeking for second chance, to cut the long story short, he recovered and was discharged, he went home and started living a new and fulfilled life.

There are so many ways situation can affect your life to start living a fulfilled life.

Saul in the bible, his name was changed from Saul to Paul because of his encounter and he started living a meaningful life.

Some people started giving their life meaning because of the situation around them and most times, those things are there to wake you up from your slumber.

Some people manage their problem very poorly leaving them, to always complain to people what they are going through, trying to get people’s attention,

if it didn’t work out the way they planned, they will withdraw thereby isolating themselves from the society which leads to depression.

But when we understand that whatever we are going through in life is an opportunity to grow.

That you are master of your faith, captain of your soul, your future is based on the choices you make right now. It will mold and shape you to find the opportunity in that circumstance.

Sometimes through your situational meaning of life, you can be a blessing to other people.

In a nutshell, meaning of life is simply your purpose of existence and this can manifest itself through worldview or situational meaning of life.