All You Need To Know About Destiny

                                                                WHAT IS DESTINY

Destiny is your purpose of existence or the gift you have inside you for human consumption, the gift is not for you but for the need of other people.

The gift is the source of your value; your value comes from your gift. It is what you are created to do, each person is thoughtfully designed by the creator for a purpose and that determine your gift.

Your destiny is guided by your action, fueled by your passion, it rises by cultivating the seed of your desires meaning that you are doing what you love and at the same time fulfill the purpose.

Destiny gives your life stability, identity, fulfillment and direction and focused.

All destinies are very special and that makes you who you are, no gift is better or superior to the other because all gifts are unique and no individual is the same, you are created specifically for your gift that is why people have their unique way of manifesting their gift which makes them special.

It is very ideal to be yourself while manifesting your gift, people will love you for who you really are but when you want to emulate others, that which makes you who you really are will be missing, making your gift to loose taste thereby making people to lose interest in what you are doing. People know original when they see one.

Some people find it difficult to fulfill their destiny while others wait to be approved by people around them.

Your destiny is your calling, nobody has the right to tell you that the gift is not suitable for you because you are the only one feeling what you are feeling from the inside, so keep calm, concentrate on yourself, strategize on how to carry out the assignment, listen to your spirit, walk by faith and not by sight to attain your full potential. All the equipment you need to carry out the assignment is inside of you.

Sometimes people try to talk you out of it because they are afraid you will make it in life or bigger than them, they want you to remain the same.

Try to trust your instinct and be careful who you take advice from.

The secret about destiny that most people don’t understand is that it will help you to live a fulfilled life by you doing what you love and be eating from there,

for instance, the comedians love to put smile on people’s face, the actors, authors, business man, doctors, nurses, they are all areas of specialty and that is why as human beings, we all have different drive to our happiness and that makes us who we are.

when you see somebody trying to be like another person, you will see that everything he/she is doing is fake because it is not who they are created to be,

they will never be real in what they are doing, it will not last for long time and it will collapse, but for some people that are in a wrong place of their career will never be happy even when it looks like you are doing well or carrying out your duty because of wrong choice.

Everybody’s destiny is different.

Even though you have such grace on you, you have to work on yourself before it will come to pass, without you putting effort to make it happen, it will never happen.

God cannot do it for you; all the equipment you needed to carry out your purpose of existence is entrusted inside of you before your creation to achieve your full potential.

Don’t limit yourself to your environment because so many people in that environment have started living their dream life with what they have around them.

To fulfill your destiny, it require a lot of things like knowing exactly what your purpose of existence is, be in charge of your life, listen to your inner self, keep calm, put your time every day to make it happen, be committed and focused, walk by faith and not by sight to attain your full potential.

Your destiny is in your hands, don’t settle for less. Your life is your entitlement from God, you don’t owe any apology or explanation to anybody, so drive yourself around the way you want and make sure you occupy the driver seat of your life.

It is you that can guide and shape the route your journey takes. Your future can be nurtured, taken care of and bring to reality by you, don’t fail to enemy’s threat, telling you, you will never go beyond your limit. Those lies are enemy’s way to strike fear and anxiety in your heart, don’t allow fear to overtake you instead listen to that tiny voice telling you, you can do it.

You never know the power and gift that is inside of you till you try to work on your life. Push yourself to destiny through God’s word, His promises and power of the Holy Spirit to channel your vision the direction you need to move in your life.