What is your Fear

                                                What You Should Know About Fear

Fear is how our body reacts to our environment when facing physical, psychological and painful experience due to danger or threat.

The way we experience and reacts to fear differs from one individual to another, in as much as fear helps to protect us by alerting us from danger which is fine but when it goes far and beyond,

it becomes threat to our living being like weakening of your immune system and damage to the heart due to work overload because you are exposed to fear for a very long time,

fear can kill your confidence and subject you to depression which always makes you to be moody and seeing the worst in other people,

it steals your joy and you will be seeing yourself as worthless and useless that doesn’t have anything to offer to the society.

Fear limits vision and lack of self-esteem.

You have the ability to change your life, each day is a brand-new day and something new is happening in your life. You have all the power and ability under control to shape the world.

Why is it that fear of failure in our exams can motivate us to read well to pass the exams but in real life,

fear can imprison you from becoming who you are created to be? Because you are afraid of the unknown;

afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, afraid of becoming your real you, because people you held to high esteem in your life have not endorse how your future will look like. Life can be nasty at times,

only people with strong mind and clear vision of their goal can overcome fear and thrive in life to achieve their purpose of existence. If others can do it and succeed in life, why do you think that your life is different? Fear can prevent you from taking risk.

Fear only addresses your emotional thinking not rational thinking. To live a healthy and successful life,

you must learn to control your emotions so you can push past your fear to reach your destiny.

Fear is our greatest obstacle to reach our destiny, it is an instrument enemy uses to torment, cripple and render man powerless and weak, the person will only be shadow of his or her real self

whatever you are afraid of will be enemy’s weapon to torment you. Fear can make you hide behind excuses and deprive you to benefit where others are benefiting.


  1. Fear of social gathering can make you give excuses just to avoid going to function but the issue is after hiding behind excuses, the problem is still there

you need to face your fear to overcome it because it will affect your happiness and ultimately increases the fear which can lead to isolation and depression.

No matter what is going on in your life right now, never give up and never stop enjoying your normal routine as usual.

  1. Fear of what people will say, at times we give up on what we want to do in life because of how people will react to it.

People’s opinion about your life does not matter at all, the only thing that matters is how and what you think about yourself. Prophesy over your life, give yourself life and don’t entrust your destiny on people, you know yourself better than anybody else.

Even if you fail on first attempt, keep going and keep trying, before you succeed in life,

you will fail before you rise, listen to the story of all successful people, they all fail and some of them fail many times before they become who they are.

Don’t stay where you fall instead keep pushing yourself till you get to where you want to be because success is hidden inside hard work and discipline.

  1. Fear we created in our mind, most times fear does not exist, it could be our imagination or how we feel.

Don’t allow fear in your mind to push you around otherwise, you will not achieve your destiny or reach your full potential. Fear of the unknown will make you to feel hopeless, worthless, useless, depressed and not valued in the society.

  1. Fear of cyber bulling, people are so vulnerable to the extent of falling prey to cyber bulling, mostly young kids, teenagers, even adults, to the extent that some of them lost their life through this means.

Your life is yours, irrespective of what is going on around you, stand firm, be courageous and concentrate more on yourself.

Sometime people use any means or what you are afraid of to track you down because they feel you are better, brighter or smarter than them.

Don’t fall victim to their prey, be optimistic, have faith and be firm because what you have in you is greater than your imagination.

Be courageous in everything you do; courage gives you a platform to build on.

Never be fearful of your starting point but be thankful of them because they are the root that allow the tree to grow.

Life is an opportunity, the world around you is an opportunity, some people ignore it because of fear of failing.

It doesn’t matter if you fail hundred times, the bottom line is for you to get to finish line. The only way to fail is to quit.

Believe in yourself when others don’t, summon courage and reach out to take what is in front of you and bring it to reality, life has so many good things to offer and you have a very big future ahead of you.