“Dreams”!! Everyone has a dream, it could be a medical doctor, a lawyer, to start a business or to be on the Forbes billionaire list.

A person’s dream can be influenced by life experiences, mindset, and environment etc.

The influencing factor could be different, but your dreams can only come true by your ability to overcome challenges not withstanding the difficult moments you experience.

Many children had different role models while they were growing up.

Let’s take a practical example using my cousin Lucy as the case study.

When Lucy was three years old, she wanted to be a princess like Barbie, but when she turned five, she changed her mind and decided to be a schoolteacher.

As she grew older, her dreams continually changed. She wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, an explorer, a model, but right now she is 20 and is a fashion designer.

Though it is not applicable in every individual, some people will know their dreams and start pursuing it at an early stage.

Dreams are not wishing; they are future mental pictures that require determination and dedication in order to achieve success.

Just the way my nephew’s dreams and desires changed regularly based on her age that’s the same way it is for a most grown-up.

So, you should ask yourself if your dream is worth fighting for.

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions as it will enable you to determine if this post is for you or not.

  1. Do you have a dream?
  2. Is your dream worth fighting for?
  3. Does it offer me fulfillment and satisfaction?
  4. What inspired these dreams? Or am I just following someone else?
  5. Is someone else pushing me to achieve my dreams when I no longer have a passion for it?
  6. What problem is my dream tend to solve in society?

If the majority of your answers are positive, then this is the perfect post for you.

If there is a need to keep your dreams alive, that means that dreams can die too.

A lot of dreams have been killed by different practices and decisions made by the owner of a dream.


What does it mean to keep your dream alive?

Keeping your dreams alive simply means achieving your dream despite life hurdles and challenges.

And to do that, you must be courageous because it gives you a platform to build on, they are the root that allows the tree to grow.

Everything we are enjoying today is someone’s courage to make it happen.

It means standing firm to your belief and doing everything possible to make sure your dream is translated from a mental picture that only you see to a physical picture that everyone sees.

The first step to keeping your dreams alive is by making a personal decision.

Your dream is your invention therefore you must be ready to defend, protect, and achieve it at all costs.

Each person is thoughtfully designed by the creator for his purpose so don’t give excuses because nobody can do it better than you.

In order to ensure that your dreams survive, you must be willing to tackle dream killers and imbibe a dream sustainable attitude.

Again, do away with those people that don’t want you to pursue your dreams because they might be jealous of you and don’t want you to come out.

What is responsible for killing our dreams?

There are certain people, lifestyles, and characters that are detrimental to our dreams. We must eliminate some lifestyles that are not beneficial to our dreams.

Also, some important people in our lives can kill our dreams if we let them. Not all friends, loved ones, and family members will be able to give you all the support you need for your goal.

No matter the challenges you face even if it means doing something you don’t like, protect your dreams at all costs and never let it die.

The factors responsible for the deaths of so many dreams include;


This has resulted in the death of so many dreams in the world. These words “I will do it later” have made lots of people abandon their dreams.

Your dreams cannot be achieved if you do not start! And you cannot start if all you keep saying is “I will do it tomorrow, next year, soon”.

Tomorrow never comes so the more you procrastinate, the less you feel fascinated about your goals.

Soon you will feel less bothered and the slow death of your dreams begin.

Do you know that our greatest enemy to achieving our destiny is us because ones you are down in the spirit, you will not have the motivation to move on but instead find one excuse or the other to keep yourself from moving forward?

  1. Pessimistic thoughts

Have you ever wondered why most motivational speakers tell people to say these words “fake it till you make it” or “act it till you become it”?

This is a scheme used to alleviate negative thoughts.

The more you keep saying, seeing, and attaching negative feelings to your dreams, the more negative energy you attract to them.

Your mindset creates your reality, focus on yourself to be the best version of yourself. Everything you need to become who you are created to be is inside you.

Negative energy is a dream killer, it will keep attracting bad vibes till your dreams fall apart.

  1. Parents:

You might say really? I don’t believe this!!

You are not quite right as it does happen. A lot of adults in the world today are unhappy and totally not satisfied with their present jobs and careers.

They blame their parents for pushing them to a path they never chose to follow.

I heard of a story about a young man that graduated as a medical doctor from a prestigious university but some interesting happened.

He handed over the certificate to his mother telling her that he has fulfilled her desire and now he can finally do what he always wanted.

Some parents who make career, business, or academic choices for their children tend to kill their dreams. Allow your children to chose what they want to be in life, if they make mistake, they learn from it

  1. Peer pressure:

This double “p” has killed lots of dreams (literally and denotatively).

In a bid to feel among, some children have overdosed on drugs which led to their death or they have gone through some bad and depressive phase.

All this happened because they wanted to be part of something. This has cost them their dreams.

Also, a lot of children feel sad when their dreams are mocked by their friends and acquaintances.

This makes them to abandon their dreams in order to avoid being the subject of ridicule.

Remember, dreams without goals are just dreams.

Be bold enough to do the things you are passionate about, take chances even if you fail, keep doing it till you get the result you want, do not worry about their ridicule instead be disciplined and consistent because the world is waiting for you to nurture those dreams and bring it back to life.

You are created for a purpose, there is a problem needed to solve in the world and you have the potentials to do that, never mind the people’s opinion about you at the starting point, they will understand you better when you finish the work you are sent do.

Following your dreams can attract a lot of enemies and some people you consider your friends can turn their back on you, don’t be disturbed about those obstacles.

Maybe they are jealous of you and don’t want you to continue because you are better off. Your dream is your dream and it is your responsibility to bring it alive.

You are a potential human being, you have hidden treasures and endless possibilities inside of you, explore yourself to bring out the best in you, trust yourself, believe in yourself, and never relent, you will see a tremendous change in your life.

  1. Religious beliefs:

Certain doctrines of different religious groups have also killed lots of dreams.

Followers of a group are scared of doing things that contradict the doctrines of their belief system. Sometimes, they are scared to say it because they will be disqualified from an important position in the group and start seeing the person as a sinner, so they suppress the dream

Qualities needed in order to keep your dreams alive.

 Behave till you become”

Miranda was 12 years old when she noticed that she loves everything about modeling.

She started walking on it, she practiced her stance and walking style, took pictures of herself, and today she is a top model.

The above example tells us to act like we already have what we want. Acting like what you want to become gives your mindset a clearer picture of your dreams.

Optimistic attitude

Nobody except you can change your mindset. You have the power to make your decisions.

The birthplace of your dreams is your mindset, it should be carefully nurtured and protected. People with optimistic attitude always get what they set their mind on.

Those models you are looking up to today have an optimistic attitude.

For instance, the people that invented cars we are using in the world today, even the building, furniture, clothes and so on, if they don’t believe in their vision and bring it to life.

The world would have been a different place today but in spite of all the odd, they try to produce those things which make the world very easy to adapt in.

They have done theirs and most of them have joined their ancestors. What is that vision that you are trying to kill?

Don’t you think it’s high time you come out of your shell and do that which you are created to do?

It is your area of specialty and nobody can do it better than you.

You are unique in your own way and those dreams are peculiar to you.

You are systematically designed for that dream you are carrying, that is why you are wonderfully and fearfully made.

Sit up now and start doing something, the world is waiting for your result.


In order to keep your dreams alive, you must be focused on achieving them. Be goal-oriented and results activated.

Don’t spend your brooding on problems, be more concerned with generating solutions to the problem.

Try very hard not to be distracted in pursuing your dreams, sometimes we feel trapped and start losing interest in our dreams, maybe because of people’s opinion or some other reasons.

No matter what your reasons are, they are not important, remember you are here on assignment so concentrate to bring your vision alive, be persevere and have faith because it will not be easy but it’s worth fighting for.

Having a role model

This is a very important aspect that cannot be overemphasized. When you have a role model that you look up to, someone that went through different challenges but survive and achieved their goals.

This fills you with courage and makes you more confident in achieving your dreams as you already know someone who achieved theirs.

Some qualities you need to possess while fulfilling your destiny include;

  • Diligence
  • Perseverance
  • Discipline
  • Optimism
  • Resilience
  • Confidence etc.

The world is waiting for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and are ready to achieve it despite the hurdles they face.

10 steps on how to keep your dreams alive?

  1. Write down your dreams.
  2. Divide them into short- and long-term achievement.
  3. Stay away from pessimistic people.
  4. Engage in constant practice and studies.
  5. Begin the process.
  6. Never stop searching for ways to improve.
  7. Don’t compare your 1 step with a 1000 step of somebody else’s.
  8. Motivate yourself internally
  9. Focus on achieving your dreams.
  10. Spend your time judiciously and avoid procrastination.

Remember, the journey of a thousand steps begins with one step.

If your role model and other people can do it, why do you think you can’t? Your decision today determines the fruit of your labor tomorrow, you can’t make it if you don’t start now.