Many people stay up at night picturing what their life would be like, where they would have been if certain happenings had occurred, who their parents would have been and what they imagine their future would be like.

Others have their houses, phones, and diaries decorated with so many motivational quotes that inspire them to do better each day.

The rest read motivational books, listens to inspirational sermons every morning just to hear the words; you can do this! You got this!

Most pages on Instagram with numerous followers and likes are pages that offer inspiration to people either through words, pictures, or videos.

Humans love to believe in something, we have this in-depth sixth sense that believes so much in motivational quotes.

This is not so a bad thing, it okay to believe in words written down by men that solve a particular problem thereby achieving their dreams.


You can keep seeing new inspirational quotes every day and keep reposting them but is that really all that there is to life?

How about your dreams, most motivational speakers had dreams that they achieved, the quotes we repost or use as a mantra was part of the experiences they faced while trying to achieve their quotas.

Here is my definition of a quote “Quotes are life hacks that give one a direction on the chosen part to follow.” They are shortcuts from experiences that can be applied to certain similar situations to get a quicker result.

Just like the quote by Terri Willingham, she properly went through a situation where she was supposed to fit in or someone close by experienced something like that, and this quote was birth.

It applies to you too; this quote can make it easier for when you experience a situation where you are expected to fit into something you don’t like or you can’t accept.

You will be proud and confident to stand tall like Terri Willingham to say that “not fitting in is one of your best qualities.”

There are three kinds of people with dreams in this life that we will discuss;

The 1st set of people don’t care about the happenings or their backgrounds.

They just have this idea in their heard that they were born for stardom and they completely believe it. They do not care about their present situation.

The 2nd kind of people have dreams of escaping from their present lives but they have no idea how to achieve.

This causes them to think a lot and they tend to be sad when no thought seems practical enough in assisting them to achieve their dreams.

The 3rd set of people have dreams and they are doing everything possible to achieve it. They lookout for ways to achieve their dreams, most times they fail but they never stop.

They keep striving with the belief that one day they will achieve everything they desire.

Have anyone ever asked you this question.

What is your dream in life? What exactly was your response? Were you confused, excited, or ashamed to talk about the beautiful mental pictures you have about your future?!

What are dreams in life?

Dreams are those mental pictures your mind has created and you have accepted about your future. Let’s take an example of a conversation between a therapist and her patient.

Therapist: Sussex

Sussex: Yes Mrs. Joan

Therapist: What are your dreams?

Sussex: I didn’t have any dream last night

Therapist: (smiles) No Sussex I don’t mean those dreams you have when you sleep. I mean what do you want to be in the future, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Sussex: oh! I want to be a TV presenter; I want to host a lot of shows and events and I finally want to have my own show like Steve Harvey and Oprah Winfrey.

Therapist: Wow that ambitious and interesting, how do you plan to achieve your dreams?

Sussex: I don’t know yet, I’m not very good with public speaking, I get really nervous in front of an audience, I’m…

Just like Sussex, most of us cannot differentiate between the dreams we have when we are asleep and the dreams, we picture concerning our future. Also, we give a lot of excuses about the reasons we haven’t made any effort in achieving our dreams.

The beauty in our dreams is supposed to be the energizing force that pushes us to the limelight but that isn’t the case instead it’s the reversal.

The beauty in our dreams fills us with sadness and doubt about the future we envision but can never achieve because we feel like we aren’t good enough or we don’t have enough skills and courage in order to achieve our dreams.

How to believe in your dreams?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

This beautiful quote is made by many but only a few understand what it truly means. The beautiful pictures in those dreams only you can see for now stand a chance of been born into this world but that for that to happen you must believe that it can.

I know the question you are asking now is how can I believe in something that only I can see? I really want to believe that it is possible but most time I try to tell people about it they laugh at me and I feel discouraged.

The truth is if every woman on earth had run away and committed an abortion because someone laughed at her being pregnant. Then children would have been extinct by now, probably you may not have been born.

It is the same way for our dreams the more we keep aborting them because of people’s opinions the more we push our dreams to extinction.

Whatever your dream is, it is possible and achievable. Don’t let people make you feel like you can’t do something because they can’t do it. There is no perfect time for anything, you just have to start from somewhere. Quit making excuses and start creating plans. Learn how to believe in your dreams with the following steps;

Step 1: stay away from people that give off pessimistic thoughts and feelings about your dreams. Avoid negative vibe, don’t stay around people that mock you and make your dreams look useless and irrelevant.

Step 2: Don’t be afraid, do what needs to be done. Speak to the right persons, explain vividly to them what you need them to do for you. Don’t be scared to fail, be so focused on succeeding that you barely have any time to dwell on failing.

Step 3: Motivate yourself every day, don’t bring down yourself with harsh or unbelieving words. Never accept negative thoughts.

Step 4: Engage in Inspiring conversations, don’t stay in the company of naysayers that dwell only on mediocrity or talking Ill about people. Be so focused on finding the right company where the right conversations will flow.

How do I achieve my dreams?

It’s one thing to believe in your dreams and it’s a completely different thing to work towards achieving your dreams.

  • Create a strategy and diligently follow it. Put into writing the things you have done and the things you need to do.
  • Conduct research about the things you need to do in order to achieve your goals.
  • Look out for people that can assist you either with labour, skills, ideas, or financially.
  • Combat the possible problems you might face, think like a user or customer in order to discover certain problems that might occur. Find solutions to the problems you discovered.
  • If your losses are more than your profit, then that is not a profitable venture.
  • Make a task list according to priority, make sure the time frame you put on yourself for each task is realistic.
  • Think of the benefits you will receive when you achieve your goals.
  • Update your tasks regularly, scrap out the ones you have achieved, and add the new ones you need to achieve.

Just believe in your dreams, not for anyone but for yourself. Read books that ignite inspiration, set goals, and achieve them.

When you feel sad or discouraged remember the beauty in your dreams and make sure you strive hard to achieve your dreams.

Do you believe in your dreams?

This question can be answered by you alone, no amount of motivational speech can help you achieve your dreams if you don’t believe it.

The first step in achieving your dream is to actually believe in your dreams.