songs that are uplifting

Top 20 songs that are uplifting

Top 20 songs that are uplifting

There are some songs we listen to that make us sad, some make us happy, while others make us aware of certain happenings in our society.

Some make us feel loved or celebrate love while others just make us feel inspired and motivated to follow our dreams.

You know in the world today there are over a billion songs and not every song is appropriate for a particular event or gathering you can’t play a club song,  a party song in a funeral ceremony.

Every ceremony has the right song that’s why we have music specialists that helps you identify the right song for particular events or gathering.

Just like every ceremony has the right kind of song you are supposed to play, the same way every mood has the particular song that you might want to listen to.

Someone might want to listen to encouraging songs or status songs when they cry while someone happy might want to listen to a motivating song.

In order to achieve a particular task for the day, someone working out might prefer to engage in songs with a strong beat that makes them move.

Every mood and every task has the right song for it.

What is a song?

A song is a combination of a beat and lyrics, A song could also be just the acoustic or basically just an instrumental. It all depends on the musician or songwriter.

There are so many genres of music including R&B, hip hop, classic, rock and roll, jazz and others, a musician may specifically choose to stick with a particular genre but others might multi diversify (I.e this musician sing songs for different genres based on their inspiration at the time the song was written).

What makes a song uplifting; beat or lyrics?

Humans are different therefore there is diversity in this particular question.

In a recent survey I conducted, over 50 people were interviewed about what they find uplifting in a song. 75% of the population attested that lyrics were really an inspiration.

According to this population, a beat is just like a melody to the song but the lyrics are the heart & soul and it connects people to the song.

A particular man made a statement, he was like “if the lyrics of the song is boring and uninspiring, I will definitely write off that song, I connect only with songs that have meaningful lyrics”

However, the remaining  25% confirmed that they are attracted to the beats of songs, according to them they basically don’t listen to the lyrics of the song.

The flow with the instrumentals and how everything is melodious and harmonious is really captivating.

This 25% claimed that they only really listen to lyrics of songs when they feel like they really love the song so well and they just want to learn it.

According to them, though they love the beat of the song and continually listen to it while they repeatedly listen to the song they tend to pick up the lyrics of the song.

Not like they were aiming at that but because of their consistency in listening to this particular song then they got to learn the lyrics of the song.

20 uplifting songs

There are so many beautiful songs in the world and this compilation was basically gotten from the survey engaged in.

If your most uplifting song did not make the list it doesn’t mean that it isn’t uplifting.

The fact that a particular song is uplifting for a person might not mean that it is uplifting for another person. People are different and definitely, the uplifting songs will be different too.

  1. Rise up by Andra Day

This song basically resonates with our everyday life, it talks about the weak times, the pain, the struggles and challenges that made us feel small unhappy and deserted. It tells us that just like the day rises after a period of darkness that our life too will have brightness in it.

It encourages us to lift ourselves up and kick off the gloomy side and shine like the day, it is a song of hope, encouragement and a better experience.

  1. Heal the world by Michael Jackson

The singer opened our eyes to the hard times, struggles and pain that so many people in our societies encounter. He spoke about how pleasant life could be to so many people.

The song encourages us to do our little best to make the world better again.

Just like in medication offers healing to sickness we all can be the medication that our neighbors or friends need in order to survive.

It encourages us all to put in efforts to make the world better for us and the people around us. It is basically a song that speaks about how unity can make the world a better place.

  1. Roar by Katy Perry

This song basically speaks about the strength and courage to move on even when the odds are against you.

The singer speaks in detail about fearlessness and continuity even in challenging times and situations.

The song encourages us to have a focus on what we believe in, it tells us that greatness lies in us and you are going to achieve it despite the life challenge you might be passing through.

The sound is a wake-up call to do strength that it’s hiding beneath fears and worries, it inspires the awakening of that hidden strength in you.

  1. Beautiful by Christiana Aguilera

This song appeals to the inner beauty that has been hiding and overshadowed by negativity from people within our close circles or even ourselves.

A lot of times we let the things that people say to us get into our heads we spend so much time hating ourselves and slowly feeding our subconscious mind with so much hatred for ourselves.

This song encourages us to build positive energy and ignite the beauty that lives within us because what we have within is expressed without

  1. Don’t worry be happy by Bobby Mcferrin

The songwriter targets a very relevant topic and spoke about it in the form of a song. Worrying does not solve a problem but people continually worry and overthink about so many things that they have no control over.

The songwriter advises that people should be happier and less worried.

He listed so many negative circumstances that can make someone unhappy and advised that we should not worry instead we should stay happy.

If worrying cannot solve the problem then there’s definitely no need to engage in it just be happy.

  1. Girl on fire by Alicia Key

The song speaks about a lady that is set on achieving what she wants, she knows her worth and she is definitely bent on achieving all she wants without listening to what people have to say.

This girl has probably stayed in the shadow for so long and then suddenly like a spark that was ignited by a matchstick she got this fire within her that is burning and it doesn’t seem to stop and it has burnt away that feeling of inferiority and she’s glowing.

This song encourages the female population to shine brightly and allow the fire within them born brightly. They shouldn’t let people’s opinions or society’s rules dim their fire.

  1. Not afraid by Eminem

This song is a strong and motivational song that encourages everyone who is living in fear and worry.

It speaks to you letting you understand that there is no need to fear as you alone are responsible for your life so if anything wants to fight you in other to gain control over you, you will rise up and defeat it.

It is basically a song that speaks on the beauty of warriors and victors.

It tells you that you have the strength within you to face whatever scares you and that you shouldn’t cower in the face of aggression or challenging positions. Stand tall and face them head-on.

  1. Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara

This is a song of hope, courage and a mantra to remind you of how beautiful you truly are despite how emotionally or physically scared you are.

The singer speaks about girls who have completely lost themselves in pain hardship and oppression, she encourages girls telling them that there is still hope for them.

She tells ladies that they do not have to change themselves for anybody at the outlaws themselves for who they are and if the world wants them, the world will have to change to accommodate them.

This is definitely a song for a broken or totally insecure lady or person.

  1. Blackbird by Noni (beyond the light)

This song talks about someone that has been caged, controlled, and manipulated it encourages them to believe that freedom is assured.

It speaks about freedom from dictatorship and oppressors, the singer likened freedom to a bird free to fly and soar without restrictions.

  1. We are the world by Michael Jackson

This song talks about the future generation their role in making the world a better place, the singer encourages the young ones to follow the right path and ensure that they join forces towards making the world a better place for everyone to live in.

  1. This is me, Kaela Settle

This song speaks about differences, about discrimination, injustice. It educates the world about how different people are segregated and pushed away due to their uniqueness.

However it encourages people with differences to stand tall and not be pushed around, it tells them to uphold their weakness as a strength and never let people trample upon their rights because they are different.

It also encourages people to be strong and not let the harsh words of individuals get to them but rather they should continually hope for a better life and work towards achieving it.

  1. Ain’t no mountain high enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell

The songwriter speaks about determination and persistence, it encourages people to focus on their dreams and goals especially when it comes to love.

Don’t let anybody or anything stop you from achieving whatever you want to or from being with the person you love.

If you love someone you will be willing to go through high and low for them and not even a mountain is high enough to stop you from achieving your goals.

  1. Stronger (what doesn’t kill you) by Kelly Clarkson

This song focuses on life challenges and how hard and difficult they might be, The singer encourages, she repeatedly stated that what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger.

When you go through some circumstances that are really tough and you overcame you have gotten stronger so whatever did not kill you just improve your strength.

  1. Don’t stop believing by Journey

This song talks about the daily life challenges or situations we might encounter, it encourages us to be strong and keep believing even in our toughest time.

  1. What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

This is a song of optimism, It speaks about hope and beautiful pictures of the future. It encourages us to hold fast to positivity and shun negative energy and always see the greater good that is yet to come.

  1. Here comes the sun by the Beatles

This is a song that talks about how the sun is birthed after a period of darkness, it speaks about patience and how progress will occur matter how slow we think it is.

  1. Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

The singer talks about the journey of life how sometimes things go well and other times they do,  sometimes things are bad while other times it might be good sometimes it’s sunny and other times it’s raining.

Life runs in seasons and time.

It encourages us to hold on when we are in a difficult situation and set up a strong foundation because the rainy days will come, we should therefore be prepared.

  1. Started from the Bottom by Drake

The singer shares his Story with us in this song telling us how we started from nothing and his position right now.

Encourage us to not give up on our little beginning and tells us to continue working hard and we will definitely achieve our dreams.

  1. It’s my life by Bon Jovi

This is a song about life that has been regulated for so long but how that comes to an end and how important it is to do what you actually want and not what someone tells you to do.

  1. Fireworks by Katy Perry

The singer educates on our goals, she informs us that we are the only ones in charge of making our dreams a reality.

We are expected to live our dreams and make them come true.


Songs are really meaningful, they teach us a lot of things that may take us years to find in books.

What is your most uplifting song? drop your answers in the comments section.