how to engage in personal growth



I’m sure you’ve heard this word several times in your churches and seminars even at school people constantly talk about personal growth and what personal growth is all about.

Personal growth is basically everything about yourself, it is about choosing yourself, proving to yourself that you can be a better person it’s not about what people think about you it’s about a self-discovery process of yourself.

At this point, you think about your life with an open mind and look out for the wrong things and the good things and make sure you try to improve in both.

When you engage in personal growth, you are not trying to change yourself to something you cannot recognize you are basically trying to work on certain aspects of your life that you either do not like or you just want to make better.

Therefore, to engage in personal growth one must be willing to communicate with their inner self and ask yourself the following questions

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What are the right things I’m engaging in?
  • What is my comfort zone?
  • What are my weak points?
  • What are my strengths?
  • How do I get better?
  • What are the things I need to do to change this aspect of my life?

These and more are the questions you should ask yourself when you want to embark on personal growth.

Personal growth is like a self care routine when you make out time to take care of yourself not just for you but also for the relationships you will have, and you are presently in.

Certain things we do to people are quite detrimental to others but because we have not been back in a reflection period to actually know these things, we constantly engage in these acts ignorantly.

Personal growth helps you to know this certain thing and find out ways you can get rid of these characters that you don’t like and emulate new characters.

Why is it necessary?

A lot of people might ask this question, if it’s my life why do I have to improve it? It basically has to do with me and nobody else so why do I have to change?

Well while personal growth is a choice it is also very important that as humans we never stop growing.

Let’s take an example from biological life, we grow from a fetus to a baby, then a toddler, a teenager, and finally an adult we constantly improve after a given period.

It is important that we engage in personal growth as it is beneficial not just for us but to the people around us. When people notice the toxicity around us, they will avoid us, and we would lose so many friends and end up all alone.

If we remain in the comfort zone for so long you won’t achieve anything different the only thing you achieve is what you have been achieving on daily basis there will be no improvement but stagnant.

Personal improvement impacts greatly on the life of those around you and this is something that you shouldn’t forget.

You might feel like it’s your life and you leave it the way you please but trust me not engaging in personal growth would keep you backward and in need of updates.

Just like the world constantly evolves for example…

once we were using Nokia 3310 but now have advanced to iPhone, Samsung, and other Android facilities if you stick with your Nokia 3310 in this present century you will definitely be lacking behind in certain information that’s the recent upgrades offer.

Engaging in personal development is a sure way to upgrade your life, you do not want to be outdated, you want to stay on top of the latest technologies of life so you should constantly engage in personal growth.

how to engage in personal growth
how to engage in personal growth

Is it beneficial?

As humans we love to engage in things that offer benefits to us, we see no reason to engage in activities that offer no positive returns, therefore, the question we should ask is if personal growth is beneficial to us?

While we grew from kids to adults, we gain more strength, intelligence, heights, and more muscular capabilities, and much more.

  1. Influences our relationships

Personal growth involves self-reflection, engaging in the act of self reflecting enables us to discover certain qualities that are unfriendly and toxic to people around us.

When we improve our characters and abilities this helps to build our relationships with people and of course sustain stronger relationships with people.

For example, Letitia was a beautiful girl who is constantly rude to people because she felt they are going to be rude to her, so she just wanted to do it first before they do it to her.

If she notices that you are not friendly, she immediately becomes rude to you, she did these to protect herself from humiliation and embarrassment.

However during her personal growth joining she discovered that people can be rude for different reasons, she is being rude as a means of protection meaning that other people could be rude for different reasons they believe are logical, so she decided to kick off the rude attitude.

She decided to be kind and if someone is rude to her she will understand that she has been in that position before and she will soon see it from a different light than she did before.

  1. Increases our achievements

Constantly staying in your comfort zone is not the right way to achieve success, if you want to be successful you must be willing to push yourself beyond your limits.

To grow you must come out from the box you have stocked yourself in, you must be willing to explore and try out certain things that you wouldn’t originally do.

If you regularly going for five minutes’ walk in the morning and you want to improve to 10 minutes you must be willing to push yourself, you can’t keep saying I’m tired every time you get to five minutes and you have to change your timer from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

You have to make the change; you must be willing to feel that strain in your muscles that you’re actually doing much more than before.

  1. Helps us build new and positive characters

When you engage in personal growth You are bound to pick up certain characters that will help you in achieving your goals.

For example, if you want to improve in your workout section you need to build resilience and persistence and this would not just be beneficial in workout sections but it will help you in persisting when engaging in other matters pertaining to life.

You build characters when you engage in personal growth.  This character offers beneficial results in the future.

  1. Increases creativity

You can boost your creativity by learning about new skills, recent abilities, and making research.

If you want to improve in a thing you don’t do that by wishing, you need to work to achieve that life that you dream about you.

Having a skill is not enough, you need to improve your skills and talents. If you want to get more creative with what you’re doing then that’s fine, make inquiries about it from people that are better, search the Internet and find some new ideas that you didn’t think about.

10 ideas on where to improve?

  • You should improve if you have anger issues
  • Creativity
  • Your personal relationship with people
  • Self care and self love
  • Gratitude
  • Connection with your subconscious mind
  • Attitude to new people
  • Your fashion senses
  • Relationship with children
  • Self-confidence

Techniques of personal growth

The techniques of personal goals include creative visualization, positive affirmations meditation, and of course developing a positive mind-set.

How to improve your life through personal growth

  1. Make a decision

To improve your life, you must be willing to make the choice.

Every personal growth journey starts with a decision, you must decide that you’re in need of personal growth and be willing to engage in it.

Every successful idea started with a decision to succeed if you are desperately in need of success then you must make the choice to succeed.

  1. Outline the areas you want to change

As part of your journey to personal growth, you should consider getting a Journal to write down the things you do not like about the characters or attitudes that you display but you’re not comfortable with.

Also, write down the steps you will take towards achieving it as well as the progress you make daily or weekly.

Your dreams might be vague but when you divide them into daily plans and habits you are bound to achieve them faster.

Have an end goal plan and make sure you follow through with it.

  1. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination can become a habit, you shouldn’t engage in it, as it is hard to get away from.

If you want to improve your life, don’t procrastinate, start now because the earlier the better. don’t postpone your plans, don’t skip a task, make sure you follow through with all your plans.

  1. Have a proactive character

Be willing to take responsibility for things that do not go as planned, don’t develop a life full of blame for the universe inculcate the ability to accept that certain things are your faults.

If you constantly blame people for every wrong thing that happens in your wrong that’s so unfortunate.

Don’t blame people for ruining your life instead continually believe that you are responsible for your life and everything that goes on within you.

  1. Learn to Read and practice

There is a long-standing statement that readers are leaders if you want to experience growth in your life and that of your family, you must be willing to read.

Books, articles and other publications are basically people’s point of view about life, there are lots of books on how to improve yourself.

Reading helps to drive away ignorance, there are certain habits or informal education that you receive but are wrong. You might never know this except someone tells you about it or you find out about it in a book.

If someone tells you about it, that could be quite embarrassing especially if it’s in public so it better you find out about it by reading books.

  1. Bid your past mistakes goodbye

It’s about time you say goodbye to your past mistakes and hopefully look forward to the future.

Mistakes are made everyday by different people so you should not hurt yourself by holding on to mistakes that you have made instead apologize to people you have hurt and forgive yourself. You cannot strive into future glory while holding on to your past. Concentrate on the now and move on to the future.

  1. Build up Resilience

What you need when you are faced with a stressful situation is the ability to persist even in the face of challenges. Challenges are inevitable, it’s up to you how you respond to it.

Personal growth requires strength, persistence, and stability. In order to achieve it,  you must persist and be strong enough to withstand laziness, be confident in your goals, and fully achieve them at the right time.

  1. Stress doesn’t solve anything

Stressing over things you cannot control will affect your health mentally and physically. If you are worried about a thing, it is important that you engage more in problem solving rather than overthinking.

Problem solving offers results but overthinking only yields stress especially psychologically.

  1. Don’t limit yourself

Most times We have a fixed position that we believe we are destined to always remain at. This is not true we can exceed our normal level therefore we ought to stop restricting ourselves.

Allow yourself to go beyond normal, do things beyond the boundaries that you have mentally set up and exceed your limit, and watch yourself soar.

  1. Increase your growth mindset

Build up your growth mindset, you need to activate it if you want to move beyond your comfort zone and achieve greater works.


Personal growth is all about you, improving your skills and abilities in order to become a better and more successful person.

When you improve your skills and abilities you are more valuable to yourself and of course, I trust more high-value people and opportunities that will help you achieve your goals and Vision.