what is the subconscious mind all about

What is the subconscious mind all about?

What is the subconscious mind all about?

When we talk about the subconscious-mind, we talk about a topic that requires focus to understand, I will try as much as possible to make this concept very easy so that high school students can grasp the message.

Have you ever experienced something that just makes you feel weird? And you are like, oh my God what just happened?

Probably you normally wake up by 5:00 AM with your alarm but you forgot to set your alarm clock for a day but woke up at exactly 5:00 AM as usual. How did this happen?

It’s your subconscious mind getting used to your habit and making it something that you do without having to set the reminder

According to Sigmund Freud in his theory about the 3 sets of minds, he spoke about the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind.

He explained that the conscious mind as the boss gives the instructions while the subconscious mind follows dutifully without questions.

On the other hand, the unconscious mind houses memories, and most times according to research it is quite hard to activate this part of the mind.

The subconscious mind controls our involuntary emotions and responses to certain occurrences. It is quite an observer, it sits back and watches how your conscious mind reacts to certain events, what you say when they happen, and it slowly makes a habit of them.

Whenever those situations occur your subconscious mind reacts like a default memory it unveils how you normally react to these happenings.

What is its role?

The subconscious mind has a homeostatic impulse that helps to regulate certain bodily functions including breathing, heartbeat, and other important functions.

The subconscious mind is loaded with so many important functions including;

  1. Serves as the memory bank

The subconscious mind acts as the storage room for all actions and words we consciously engage in.

When our Conscious mind carries out certain activities, the subconscious mind observes and stores all this information.

It’s just like the computer, the conscious brain is the data that was inputted while the subconscious mind is the processed information.

Capturing and storing information is one of the major tasks of the subconscious mind therefore we must be cautious about the kind of data we consciously process in our mind. We become what we continuously put in our minds. For instance, when you see a pessimistic person that always looks down on themselves, most times they disengage from society because that is exactly what they kept feeding their brain.

We need to watch over our words and actions and try to make them great, good, and beneficial as all the characters will be stored by the subconscious mind and involuntarily used when an appropriate event occurs.

  1. It keeps balance in the body

Just like this mind helps in maintaining the Comfort zone it also helps to maintain balance in the body.

Physically with the presence of homeostatic impulse, the Subconscious mind helps to maintain certain bodily functions including breathing, heartbeat, body temperature regulation, and order important body functions.

It also maintains the balance of mental health; it builds up habits and navigates the body towards sticking to a particular goal.

  1. Maintains Comfort zone

The subconscious mind is responsible for the feeling of fear especially when you are interested in exceeding your normal level.

If you have consciously engaged in an activity that has been stored by your subconscious mind when you decide to quit that habit you might experience certain resistance that comes from your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind has gotten used to the idea of doing something in a particular way, so when you decide to change or stop it does everything possible to restrain you.

It introduces fear of the unknown, fear of security, fear of trying out only to crash and so many other fears. Thereby jeopardizing your regular activities by isolating you from the general public which leads to depression.

At this point some people quit and continue with their normal subconscious routine, however, to be successful you must willingly and strongly battle with your subconscious mind.

Feed it with affirmations, visualizations of advancing to the next phase, and ensure that you push yourself to the extra mile.

  1. Observe and listens to the conscious mind

Whatever your subconscious mind displays, it got from the conscious mind then makes the rules and the subconscious mind listens to them and abides by them.

The subconscious mind does not question the authority of the conscious mind, it accepts what it’s fed to it with strong emotions attached to it.

When the conscious mind engages in certain activities, it is the responsibility of the subconscious mind to pick up certain behaviors and subconsciously display them when the need arrives.

If we want to excel in life, be wealthy and successful then we must be willing to feed our subconscious mind with thoughts of wealth, abundance, growth, and higher advancement.

what is the subconscious mind all about
what is the subconscious mind all about

How powerful is it?

The subconscious mind is a very powerful weapon, if channeled correctly it can lead to enormous wealth success advancement& health but if it’s fed with a negative thought,  the subconscious mind can cause fear, anxiety, health challenges depression, and even lead to death.

There is so much personal evidence about the power of the subconscious mind it has led to so many breakthroughs both negatively and positively.

It is a tool that if properly used can yield beneficial results.

  • The subconscious mind attracts our imagination

The mental pictures we have about our dreams goals and future can be birthed through our subconscious mind. When we consciously feed good and positive images to our subconscious mind, we can bring forth all our wonderful desires.

However, if we consciously feed our subconscious mind with fear, lack, disappointment, and pain, that is exactly what it will attract to us.

We have dreams we want to achieve instead of feeding pessimistic ideas to our minds, it is so much better if we consciously feed our beautiful dreams to our minds and we will attract opportunities that help us achieve our dreams.

  • Mirrors our thoughts

What do you think about, when you’re about to sleep, during the day when you’re less busy, what do you engage your mind in?

The subconscious mind mirrors our thoughts, if you are thinking about how to make your business better how to achieve a particular thing, how to excel in something,  your subconscious mind will drop ideas in your thoughts on how to go about this certain thing.

However, if your thoughts are the opposite of this if you are thinking of failure, backwardness, poverty, and lack then that’s exactly what your subconscious brings to you.

Thoughts of fear about the future, about what’s going to happen in the next few days about everything that will inspire and lead you toward achieving your negative thoughts.

  • Influences habit

What’s your conscious mind regularly and consistently dwell on will be interpreted by your subconscious as a habit. The subconscious saves this habit and involuntarily activates it whenever the right occurrence happens.

If you want to cultivate good and beneficial habits, then you must give off good consistent actions and words so that your subconscious will in turn form your habit.

Habits are not built in a day, according to research and studies it takes 18 days and above to build a habit. This shows that it takes repeated and consistent practice for the subconscious to store action and turn it into a habit.

How to activate and build up the subconscious?

  • Meditation

To activate the subconscious, you need to clear your raging thoughts. Meditation helps you stay focused; it clears your head from worries and degrading thoughts that are detrimental to your health.

You must be willing to experience quiet time, shut off your cell phone, your thoughts, words and the noise then align yourself to the peace and calm that comes from within.

Take a deep breath (diaphragmatic breath) make sure you take a deep breath consciously through your stomach, steady yourself and do it repeatedly for some time till your subconscious takes over and does the breathing exercise without your help.

  • Positive affirmation

Affirming the things, you want like they exist instead of like they will exist is an assured way of activating the subconscious. Instead of saying one day, I will be able to drive a car, you should say I love driving it’s an interesting experience.

Call forth the things you wish to have by adding them to your daily mantra, constantly repeating them as you perform your everyday tasks and activities.

Add mantras like;

I prosper in all my businesses.

I live in abundance.

I experience peace and Joy.

My life is filled with so many blessings.

  • Gratitude

What is gratitude? Gratitude is not just mere words we say when we experience exciting things, gratitude is a way of life.

When you are grateful for the things you have, the things you wish for, answered prayers, and unanswered prayers, you tend to activate the subconscious mind.

The conscious is responsible for seeing things as they appear, consciously adding gratitude to your life helps to activate the subconscious mind.

It fills the mind with a sense of thankfulness, therefore, attracting the future and showing gratitude for the present.

  • Visualization

This is a really great way to create a vivid picture of the things you want. Visualization is just like imagining things that you want but at a higher level.

When you imagine things, you just think about certain things and wonder what it’s like to have them but when you visualize, you picture things more vividly.

You think about what you are feeling, how you feel about it and the time it happened.

The key to proper visualization is to think of things as they have already happened.

Visualization is more like memories than imagination. This helps to activate the subconscious and activates its power.

  • Eliminate negative and limiting beliefs

To activate it, you must be willing to end negative and limiting self-beliefs as they are toxic.

Limiting beliefs resist the activation of the subconscious, it cramps and buries the subconscious under layers of doubt and unbelief.

  • Keep away from doubtful and unbelieving people

Doubtful and unbelieving people can really be convincing, they make you believe that the subconscious is nothing but a myth.

However, the fact that you don’t believe something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It only means that you are probably ignorant about its existence and since you don’t believe in its existence it could either work for you or against you.

  • Ask for what you want

Ask and you will receive, if you think you deserve a promotion then that’s exactly what you should ask for.

While you visualize the things you want, it’s also important that you put in an effort in trying to achieve them.

When your subconscious offers you opportunities you must grab them, don’t be scared to ask for the things you want

Whenever you ask and you don’t receive, that doesn’t mean you should stop asking for them.

Effects of activating the subconscious mind

  1. It has the power to change your entire life. It can introduce you to wealth, opportunities success, and achievement.
  2. An effective and positively influenced mind helps to build stronger and lasting relationships.
  3. A stable and balanced mental health can be built by activating the power of the subconscious mind. The need to worry and overthink which could lead to anxiety is eliminated.
  4. It is responsible for the life events that occur, we should grab this opportunity and feed optimism to our conscious mind and watch the subconscious mind brings all our dreams to fulfillment.


The subconscious mind offers so many life-challenging benefits, but our conscious mind plays a vital role in feeding this data it which processes it and returns the feedback.

Do you believe in its power, have you ever experienced it?

You may have experienced the power of the subconscious mind, but you were probably ignorant about its power.

Educate yourself about the subconscious mind, activate it, and reap the benefits attached to it.