Women vs the Kitchen- Empower women meaning

Women vs the Kitchen- Empower women meaning

Women vs the Kitchen- Empower women meaning

Does the topic ‘empower women meaning” sound strange to you?  Well, that’s how strange it sounds when men feel like a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

Empower women meaning in a nutshell can be defined as the steps or strategies it takes to give a woman more confidence.

To empower a woman simply means to help her build up strength in order to achieve her dreams and goals.

This is often done by enabling them to increase their control over their own life or situation.

It is a big shame that in the 21st century a lot of people are ignorant about what it actually means to empower a woman.

Gone are the days when a woman was born solely for the purpose of childbearing or cooking.

Women are also capable of handling responsibilities, leadership positions, careers and still nurturing their kids.

If you are a woman reading this article kindly take a moment to appreciate yourself. And if you are a man that fully supports his wife, you also need to celebrate yourself.

Most times people do not understand or see the need for a particular conversation. This is because they have little to no prior knowledge about a situation.

For this reason, I will school you on the reasons while the movement to empower women is on the rise.

The years before the emergence of empowering women movement

Years back when no woman was seen as something other than a tool for childbearing and home chores it was really hectic.

Women were exposed to all forms of mistreatment, disregard, and gender inequality.

Don’t misinterpret, I am not trying to say that everything was completely bad and every woman took work through hell’s gate.

Of course, this will signify that I’m generalizing which is absolutely a wrong thing to do.

However the odds were greater, hence the majority began the movement and it keeps growing.

This shows the magnitude of people that were directly or indirectly affected.

It was a time when most young ladies parade the streets with one goal which is to secure the most eligible man.

A period where giving birth, domestic chores, and home-making ability were the core foundation for a stable marriage.

The only responsibility of most men was to provide money while the women handle other tasks including the upbringing of the kids.

In this period, most women did not see anything wrong with the treatment they got.

The love, adoration, and high regard they have for their husband close their eyes to the ill-treatment.

The question is what changed? Why is there a movement to empower women?

Just like any other movement, one woman made a discovery.

For the first time ever, she saw her situation in a different light. She noticed that she was a wife, not a slave, a human with dreams and goals, not a spectator.

Therefore, she began a revolution. She spoke up and today thousands of women are doing the same thing.

6 shocking myths about women empowerment

There is no thin line between the movement to empower women and the different myths or lies that arises to tarnish the course.

Let’s briefly discuss 6 different myths of women empowerment.

Before I talk about these myths, I want to correct an impression. This statement is functionally wrong.

It is the job of the chef to be in the kitchen, it is not the responsibility of a woman or a wife.

If you have this ideology, I immediately advise you to trash it.

One of the major truths about women’s empowerment is the sensitization of women. A lot of women, as well as men, believe that the place of women is in the kitchen alone.

This is absolutely incorrect. Women are made for so much more than cooking and cleaning.

If you are not buoyant enough to get a chef, then your wife can cook the meals and you should assist as well.

However, if you think that all she was strictly made for the kitchen. I highly think that this is a biased way of thinking.

Women vs the Kitchen- Empower women meaning
Women vs the Kitchen- Empower women meaning

Myth 1

A working-class woman does not have time for the family

I was literally laughing while thinking about these particular myths.

A woman, wife, or mother who is working on her career in order to improve her life will not forget about her family.

If she does occasionally then, that is understandable. We all forget very important things once in a while.

A working-class woman will deliberately make efforts to ensure that she balances work and family.

Most single career-driven women stay away from family life until they get to the epic of their career.

They do not want the two things that really matter to them to suffer.

Therefore they put off one till they have attained a certain height where they can make the rules.

A working-class woman always seeks balance. And as her husband, it is your duty to help her achieve this balance with love and support.

Myth 2

Working-class women also have failed marriages

This is so hilarious! Oprah Winfrey and Mitchell Obama are still married, aren’t they?

How do people come up with these lies? Just say you hate the movement you don’t have to birth false rumors to prove a point.

Working-class women have lasting marriages too. Full Housewives and working-class women both have issues in their houses.

The major issue is how they choose to respond to the particular issue

Myth 3

You cannot have it all

This is a personal choice don’t you think so? You can make the decision to have it all or not.

What exactly does it mean by having it all?

My definition of having it all is peace and Joy. What’s your definition of having it all? Share your answers in the comment section below.

Why exactly do people think that if you empower women there will be no peace and happiness?

Knowledge is power and power can be used positively or negatively by both genders.

Empower women and let them make the decision to choose how to use their newly found power.

Myth 4

When you empower women, they become rude and very opinionated.

What? This is an abusive and demeaning statement!

Humans in general are completely free to their opinions. Poor or rich, tall or short, man or women everyone has an opinion.

If you think that empowering a woman makes hers calculative and well-thought. I seriously think that you need some empowerment in your life.

Opinions are what make us unique and distinct. Empowerment doesn’t make a woman rude, it just directs her in order to make the right choices that can also be beneficial to her.

Myth 5

If you empower a woman, she has little to no respect for her husband.

There is no core foundation for this statement. It is just a lie made up by an angry man.

Respect is earned not given. If you want respect, give respect.

In simple terms, don’t ask for something you cannot give.

Myth 6

If you empower a woman, she becomes extremely competitive.

There is nothing wrong with competition especially when it is with your past record.

Men are competitive just as women are too. It is not healthy to be in competition with people especially when it is not a track event.

Life happens in different stages and most times it can catch you off guard.

Stop focusing on this lie. Women are merely trying to meet up and exceed what already is.

They joined the workforce a little late therefore, they are putting a lot of effort to be the best.

It has absolutely nothing to do with you.

5 effective ways to empower a woman

  1. The principal way to empower women is to educate them. Organize seminars, conferences, and campaigns that sensitize women to the need for empowerment.
  2. Skill acquisition and other career training are other ways to empower women. Most women have no knowledge about visions, goals, and dreams. Training about different career paths and skills can help them find one.
  3. Every woman should be a member of an empowerment community within her vicinity. This community should share the same goals, tackle problems, and produce results.
  4. To empower women, their partners also need to be empowered. Not every man is bad and terrible, they are just misinformed.

There is a popular saying that bad news spread quickly. It is possible that most men heard about the myths first, they need the real information.

  1. Grants, donations, and other forms of financial aids are another way to empower women. If a woman’s dream is to start a business but she has no capital to finance it, how exactly can she be empowerment to a younger lady or her female children?


To empower women is to build a world free of discrimination, gender inequality, and domestic violence.

An empowered woman is fully aware of her rights and duties. She knows when she is right and when she has exceeded her boundaries.

She is in no competition with her partner, all she wants is to improve herself and the lives of those she loves.

Support the movement to empower women.