6 outstanding benefits of being consistent

6 outstanding benefits of being consistent

6 outstanding benefits of being consistent

What does it mean to be consistent? This is a question that so many people are curious about.

A consistent person is someone that is dependable, an individual you can rely on to get a particular task done.

So many people struggle with this simple but tasking act of being consistent.

A consistent person is a good addition to a company or workforce. An inconsistent person might be talented; however, their lack of consistency can be a major deal-breaker.

Consistency needs willpower, passion, and determination in order to progress. Without a strong passion or determination to get a task done, a person may not be consistent.

We need to be consistent in almost every task in our daily lives. Such as exercise, diet, family time, self-care, and work ethics.

Consistent meaning

The English dictionary defines consistency as something that occurs regularly or of a dependable nature. When something is done frequently with little or no need or any form of reminder this act is known as consistency.

A life without any form of consistency is a life of uncertainties either positive or negative.

Most people complain that a consistent life is actually boring, planned, and extremely tasking to follow. This might be true if you have a very rigid schedule with little to no fun activities to spice up your day.

No matter how passionate or exciting your job is, most times you may feel really tired and unproductive doing the same thing for hours without a break.

The reason most people are scared of consistency is that their idea or knowledge of a consistent person is actually a boring person.

Consistency is not always a bore; it all depends on how you define it.

Before we discuss the characteristics and benefits of a consistent person, let’s talk about some tips that can make your consistent routine less boring.

Spice up your consistent routine with the following tips

If you are of the opinion that consistency is boring, add the following tips to your schedule and examine the difference.

The act of being consistent can be boring, but this is totally dependent on the individual.

  • Add blank spaces to your schedule

There is nothing as scary or tiring as a fully inked schedule with absolutely no break or space for carefree activities.

I am quite aware that there are so many people who derive pleasure working all day long with little to no break.

However, if you can’t keep up with excess tasks all day long, why don’t you just leave some extra space in your schedule?

Write absolutely nothing in those spaces.

You don’t have to feel burdened by the thought of another task you have to accomplish. This helps you to unwind and relax.

I have heard a lot of people make this statement “when you take a break, you lose motivation”

Honestly, I do not agree with this statement. I believe that when you have a task to accomplish, a little break will not stop you from completing your task.

The only thing that can stop you, is your personal decision. Get rid of this myth and leave some blank space in your schedule.

  • Personalize your schedule

Black and white are not the only colors in the world, try to add more colors to your schedule. Customizing your schedule has a secret motivational power that most people are not aware of.

I am a perfect example of the motivational power that comes with a personalized schedule. Instead of writing “blog posts or article writing” I can choose to say “word manipulation time” How exciting is that?

You can choose to revamp your schedule, add colors, use cursive writing, it can also be handwritten instead of printing.

  • Be stern but gentle with yourself

An anthill or house is not built in a day, it takes practice and more practice to become perfect in a particular thing.

If you were unable to complete your schedule in a day that’s totally understandable. You do not have to slip into the self-criticism mood.

It is completely okay to feel upset however don’t belittle yourself because you didn’t finish a task.

You can carry over the task to the next day which automatically erases the blank space for the day.

The next time you feel like leaving your task unattended, you will remember that it will affect your free time for the next day.

Characteristics of a consistent person

If you are curious about the attributes and features that make up a consistent person, here are the major characteristics of a consistent person.

  1. Time conscious

A consistent person is someone who works in close proximity with time. Most schedules are time-bound this simply means that every task has an amount of time allocated to it.

If a task exceeds the time allocated to it, this simply means that it is encroaching on the time meant for another task.

The key tool for a consistent person is their time, they are very careful not to waste the time for each task. Their focus is on time-oriented work.

If you regularly work closely with time in order to achieve your tasks, it is very possible that you are a consistent person.

  1. Detest procrastination

It is a known fact that procrastination is a robber of time, it steals so much time leaving you with nothing other than excuses.

A consistent person hates giving excuses for incompetence; therefore, they steer clear from procrastination.

Working closely with time gives them little to no chance to procrastinate. Procrastination yields no positive results for them; it only disrupts their plans leaving them with so much work to do and limited time to do a good job.

Do you procrastinate a lot? You really need to examine yourself as you might be a very inconsistent person.

6 outstanding benefits of being consistent
6 outstanding benefits of being consistent
  1. Hardworking

If you have a hard worker at your office, someone who ensures that they use their work time and even lunch break to complete their task.

This is a very keen characteristic of a consistent person; they work very hard whenever they have a task to accomplish.

Don’t misinterpret their seriousness at work as a boring or introverted personality, you might be very wrong.

No consistent person wants any tasks to affect their fun time, therefore they work really hard during work hours to prevent them from carrying overloads of unfinished work home.

While you are talking with your colleagues or having lunch, they are sacrificing their time to avoid late nights of interrupted fun.

They come to work the next day looking alert and stunning while others come to work with dark circles and a tired appearance.

  1. Resilient

A consistent person is very flexible, they have the ability to return back to normal despite how hard they have been stretched.

For example, a typical consistent person is very hardworking. On days when their jobs are extremely demanding and tasking, they are capable of exceeding their capability and still returning the next day to complete their jobs as usual.

They do very well under pressure and it does not affect their job productivity in any way. Also, if a consistent person falls ill, they have the ability to complete their job immediately after they recover.

Consistent people have no problem with getting the job done. They perform excellently well in extreme and difficult situations.

  1. Trustworthy and dependable

You can fully depend on a consistent person. They have no reason to fail you as they believe that it is against their work ethics to disappoint their superiors.

If you have a consistent staff, you can take a vacation and not be scared of leaving your company behind. Your company is in good hands and you believe that the staff can handle all official activities with minimal or no supervision from you.

Are you a dependable staff? Can your boss trust you with the running of the company? If the answer to both questions is yes then, you are quite a consistent person. Don’t you think so?

Benefits of consistency

There are benefits that come with being consistent, it is challenging but extremely rewarding. When you learn to be more consistent with your daily tasks and work activities, you will get these benefits and more.

  1. More free time

When you have a time-bound schedule and you are able to complete all your tasks. You are left with more free time to do whatever you please.

Consistency kills procrastination, this simply means no excuses for an unfinished task.

A consistent person has no excuses to give therefore they complete their task and have more free time to indulge in less demanding and more fun activities.

  1. High standard job

Most times it is very easy to tell the difference between rush work and an outstanding job.

A consistent person sets time-bound tasks and focuses his/her attention on the task at hand, in order to complete the job before the time elapses.

The individual dedicates a portion of their time to dutifully complete work without pressure or fear of limited time.

This results in high-quality and exceptional work that deserves commendation.

  1. Recommendation

Consistent people are hardly ever in need of jobs as they always have reviews and recommendations that speak well of them.

Your boss will not recommend an incompetent person for a job, he will only recommend someone he can depend on.

Consistent people are dependable, hence the reason they get all the recommendations and positive reviews.

Have you ever recommended someone for a job? What was the reason? Has someone ever recommended you for a job? Do you have any idea why you were recommended?

Please share your responses with us, we will like to know more about how beneficial consistency is?

  1. Always achieve more

A consistent person will always achieve more than someone that always lags behind in all their tasks.

Inconsistency leads to stress, complaints, and zero motivation to get the job done. However, consistency is a motivational force that propels the individual to achieve everything they want.

For example, if a consistent person and an inconsistent person were given a task to do within a month.

The inconsistent person might do bits every day or leave the job till it is probably a week to submission. A consistent person on the other hand will divide the work into different sections and set achievable time-bound tasks.

Depending on the kind of work, the individual might complete the task within 1 or 2 weeks.

The consistent person did not only complete the task in a shorter duration but he/she also gained extra free time.

  1. Constant growth

A consistent person always seeks ways to make their job easier; he/she is never comfortable with a particular way of doing something.

They are constantly learning new ways to improve their skills and potentials.

It is common knowledge that there are different ways to achieve a particular result. However, not everybody is interested in learning about the recent modifications or easier ways of doing things.

Consistent people are always searching for more recent ways to improve their skills and general output.

  1. Result oriented

The end result of consistency is to yield positive results. Consistent people are result-oriented individuals.

They combine series of beneficial skills in order to yield favorable and applaudable results.


The act of being consistent is not boring unless you make it so.

It is very challenging to stay consistent but it is also a very rewarding thing to do.

Consistency does not ever go unrewarded; it might not seem rewarding in the short term but it is actually a long-term investment.

If you are a consistent person, stick to it and never let anyone or anything steal this attribute. On the other hand, if you are not a consistent person, I strongly advise that you learn how to be consistent.

It is an undermined skill that pays greatly.