The impact of social media on family growth

We can’t argue that social media has a huge impact on the world today, but the big question every parent is asking is “what is the impact of social media on family growth”?

Social media is not just an app, it also involves the people who use it. If you reap positive or negative benefits that’s what you’re sowing.

The impact of social media on family growth can be positive, or negative. It depends on the family’s usage, control mechanism, and management.

Social media is popular, almost everyone uses it. If you don’t, then a member of your family does.

If you allow it to replace important dates and family time, then, you are going to reap the negative effects.

Also, you can also choose to learn about new dishes, check out a new vacation site, make funny posts and tag each other. This will earn you the positive benefits of social media.

Is social media useful to your family? Let’s talk about it.

The usefulness of social media on family growth

Do you think social media is useful to your family? How?

If it’s not, “Why use something when it offers nothing”

Social media is popular and like every other thing on earth, it has good and bad impacts.

Let’s consider 4 positive impacts of social media on family growth.

The positive impact of social media on family

The impact of social media on family growth
The impact of social media on family growth

If you believe social media is all bad and dangerous to your family, you need to read this.

1. It builds connection

Our nuclear members are not the only family members we have, there are cousins, nieces, nephews, and distant relations.

Most of our family members live in different countries and even continents. The easiest way to connect with them is through social media.

It is possible that your parents did not introduce you to all your family members, or they lost contact with their distant relatives.

You can meet your long-lost family members on different social media platforms. It can start from a little conversation and blossom into a stronger friendship.

As a friend, you get to know more information about the individual. They can be your cousin or nephew that your parents lost contact.

We can also connect with our immediate family members on social media, share posts, talk about a trending topic, or engage with posts.

2. A great conversation starter

Mom! Have you gone on Instagram today? Mary the actress in Seven heart is getting married!

With nothing to talk about, most homes can be boring and quite depressing.

But If you’re on social media, you have access to a lot of information either facts or myths that can be an interesting conversation starters.

After a long time at work, it is fun to go home to share your views on trendy topics.

Why do you think people take a break while working to scroll through their social media pages?

The answer is obvious and simple! It is very entertaining and relaxing.

3. It can lighten the mood

Have you ever made a funny comment that made everyone laugh out loud (Lol)?

Maybe, it was a family dinner that was getting sour due to a very intense conversation.

However, a joke you picked on social media becomes very handy and saves the day.

It happens a lot!

Sarcasm and comedy can ease off tension and prevent arguments and quarreling.

Note: Not all conversation requires sarcasm! Play smart.

It can be a good teacher if you are a good learner

Social media might not be a school or an online learning platform, however, let’s not forget the popular saying that “there is a bit of sense in nonsense”.

There is so much information on social media, and you need to filter what you accept as facts and myths.

However, within the world of music, celebrities, and products, there is something new for you to learn every single day.

4 negative impacts of social media on family growth

The impact of social media on family growth
The impact of social media on family growth

Now the big question is,

If social media is useful, how does it negatively impact family growth? At what stage does everything turn sour?

There is a popular saying that “an excess of everything is bad”(I.e the excessive use of social media is bad for family growth).

It can ruin relationships, destroy communication and inhibit the proper growth of family members.

And it all depends on how you use it.

1. It encroaches on family time

While you are trying to keep up with your favorite actors or artists, don’t forget family time.

Most times people treat family bonding time like a casual event and this is not a good thing.

If you ask happy and supportive families their secret, a good number will say “family time”

Family time does not have to be fancy; it just has to involve everyone in the family doing a single thing together.

It could be watching a movie, going karaoke, cooking, playing board games, or merely sitting to discuss trendy matters.

Stop underestimating the power of family time, it is a key piece of the bigger picture.

2. Steals attention without trying so hard

If we make a list of the top 11 things that steal people’s attention, social media ranks “1”

With all the beautiful pictures, funny memes, and videos, it is almost unbeatable.

Humans need attention!

When you treat someone like your phone or messages matter more to you than them, they will respond by acting like they don’t care.

This will only lead to a silent agreement and without communication, the relationship will deteriorate if nothing is done.

3. It replaces other little but important things

Those little things that you call petty can lead to the fall of a relationship.

Do you listen to your kids when they talk about their school or friends?

Or your husband when he tries to explain the new contract he got? Or your wife when she tries to tell you everything that happens at her workplace?

Are you always in the kitchen chatting and teasing your partner as she makes dinner?

If you do these things, don’t stop, and don’t let social media steal away these sweet moments.

When you make social media a priority, you push other people that matter to the side-line. They might not complain but their actions will communicate their feelings.

4. Replaces calls and visitation for regular check-in  on social media

Social media gives people the illusion of a healthy relationship.

It is not wrong to chat with your family members on social media, but if it replaces a call or visit it becomes unacceptable.

Physical presence matters a lot to our family members.


The impact of social media on family growth is both positive and negative, it depends on how you choose to use it.

Use social media as a tool to foster effective connections rather than as a replacement for family time.

If your family is going through the negative impact of social media, this is your chance to do better.

It doesn’t have to be a drastic and immediate change; it can be one step at a time.