5 most effective steps to follow to manifest your goals

5 most effective steps to follow to manifest your goals

5 most effective steps to follow to manifest your goals

Trying to manifest goals and dreams has been quite difficult for some people. Most people follow the law of attraction which states that you attract experiences and circumstances. That is of the same frequency as your thoughts and beliefs but can’t quite conquer manifestation.

To really manifest your goals and dreams, you need to really understand what manifestation really is and you also need to believe in it. With a proper understanding of manifestation. You will be able to use its power to the fullest extent in achieving your goals and desires.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation in simple terms means when a thought, feelings, or belief is being brought into physical reality.

This means that whatever you focus on is what you will be bringing to reality. Focusing to bring manifestation could be through meditation, visualization, or through your conscious and subconscious mind.

For example; a person who wants to get promoted at work should focus on getting promoted. And the time he/ she wants this promotion by putting in his/her best in the workplace place to show her potentials.

If it is a short-term goal or a long-term goal. Build strong thoughts and emotions around this goal you want to achieve and then try meditating or visualizing it. This will help the person to manifest it into his/ her reality.

How does manifestation work?

Just like the law of attraction, Manifestation is when your thoughts and your energy can create your reality.

If your thoughts are constantly filled with negativity, then you are going to attract and manifest negative energy.

To manifest, the first thing you have to do is to search your thoughts and feelings. Analyze them to know what they are all about.

If your thoughts surround negativity, they will become your reality. This is why it’s vital you create all forms of negativity out of your mind and fill it with positive thoughts instead.

This way you can manifest positivity into your life.

Also, manifestation doesn’t just work with your thoughts, there has to be a form of action on your part.

You will have to make physical efforts towards achieving that goal.

For example; You want to be the best graduating student in your university; you’ll have to cultivate a stronger reading habit. Attend all your lectures, do all the assessments, and other necessary steps towards becoming the best.

Visualizing yourself graduating with the best results will help you feel more positive and motivated to make these thoughts a reality.

This will make you take some action and ultimately manifest your goals into your life.

5 most effective steps to follow to manifest your goals
5 most effective steps to follow to manifest your goals

The most effective steps to manifest your goals

Manifesting your goals will take more than visualizing or focusing your mind on them.

On your journey to manifesting your goals, you should have it in mind that it may take some time depending on what you actually want to manifest but getting results is inevitable as long as you follow the steps which will be listed below.

Step 1: Create your vision board

Choosing what you want to achieve (your goals) is the basis of the art of manifesting. It’s a crucial time to define what the big picture looks like.

When creating your vision board, specify what you want to achieve and how long it will take to do so.

If you’re trying to manifest something in just 24 hours, you also have to pick something you believe you can manifest in a day. If it’s a long-term goal, you also have to specify.

For example; You have a goal of starting a new business, it may take more than a day to actually start up this new business, there are other steps you can take that will lead to you manifesting the new business.

It could be getting a loan or collaborating with someone. These steps could be a 24 hour, 3 days, or 1-week goal.

When creating your vision board for what you want to manifest; its important you ask yourself the following questions;

  • Is this what I really want?
  • How beneficial is this to me?
  • Does this feel right when I think about it?
  • How good will this be for me and for others?

Your desires and goals should be for the greater good and should be something you really desire. Your minor goals or short-term goals should be in line with the manifestation of the long-term or greater goals.

Step 2: Eliminate every obstacle on your way

Most times, you will experience obstacles or barriers on your way to success. Everybody gets to face them one way or the other, but this shouldn’t scare you. It is part of the manifestation process.

These obstacles could take the following forms;

  • Toxic people and pessimistic people: When working on manifesting your goals and dreams, you need to make sure you are surrounded by people who will not hold you back.                                                                                                                                                                                People who will not discourage you, criticize you, or tell you it’s impossible to achieve your goals. Pessimistic people will kill the desire in you gradually and may prevent you from manifesting your goals.
  • Negative Mindset/ beliefs: It’s quite difficult to manifest anything when you’re in a bad place emotionally. This is because at this point, you feel very discouraged, sad and your spirit is very low which means most of your thoughts are going to be negative.                                                         Focusing on negativity and expecting to attract positivity in your life is almost impossible.                                                                                    So, practice a lot of self-care to put your mind in the right position. Watch what you feed your thoughts with, try meditation, reading inspirational books, and watching motivational videos and other stress-relief techniques.
  • Timing: There is a saying that patience is a virtue. Most times you just need to be patient. Everything that’s meant to happen will happen at the right time and with the right intentions. So, if you are trying to manifest something and it isn’t happening immediately or at the time you plan, it doesn’t mean it is not going to manifest it may just take some time. Keep believing, focusing, and working on your goals, acknowledge your little wins and you will achieve your goals at the right time.

Step 3: Work towards manifesting what you want

There isn’t any particular action you need to take after completing steps 1 and 2. At this point, you just start waiting for what you want to manifest.

However, you may feel the need to do something else; it may be related to your goals or it may not. Most times, it’s more of an intuition-based yearning.

If you do get this, consider following your guts and taking that action if it’s been laid in your mind to do so.

For example, I will share a short story about how I manifested a short-term goal I really desired.

I followed step 1 and step 2 religiously and when I was done, I waited for it to happen. All of a sudden, I felt the need to do something and that was to just give a particular amount of money to someone, it was a bit of kindness.

A day later, a friend in pressing need called me requesting the exact amount of money to take care of things, promised to pay them back.

I gave the person the money and told the person not to pay the money back as I had it in mind to give that amount of money to someone but I couldn’t really say who.  A week later, my goals manifested and it was even more than I expected. You can’t imagine how excited I was.

It took few weeks but I was patient and hopeful. Yours may take more than that or less than that, but try not to doubt the process no matter what. Believe you will get what you visions, walk towards it and it will surely come.

Get rid of every doubt, worry, anxiety, and negative beliefs because it can hinder your results.

Step 4: Recognize and appreciate

This step has a lot of impact on your manifestation of potential in the future.

The step implies that you recognize and appreciate your short-term or long-term goals manifestation.

Some people tend to easily forget how long they wanted and asked for something when it finally comes. They will not recognize or appreciate it instead of complaining so take proactive steps to prevent this from happening.

Recap your first thoughts and how you felt when you were visualizing your desired goal. And try to connect these experiences with the new experience of achieving the goal you once desired or getting the outcome you expected.

Consider the tangible proof you have that thinking in a certain way can create concrete changes in the world around you.

The more you make these connections, emphasize them and believe them.

The better you will be manifesting in the future because believing and having concrete proof that manifestation works will help you get rid of negative self-talk and doubts and also help you to build confidence and stay positive.

Signs you may experience when your manifestation is close

When you’re close to manifesting something in your life. There are so many signs that may come up to prove your manifestation is close, some of which you may not get to notice or observe.

  1. Hearing about your desires: You may overhear people talking about this particular thing you’re hoping for or you could be watching television or listening to the radio and they’ll be talking about the very thing you want.
  2. You’ll start feeling excited: This particular sign is one I have experienced. I felt really excited and also very fulfilled that I was able to help my friend out at the time she really needed help and I was also able to do what my mind was telling me to do. If you start to develop a sense of excitement for no reason; this may be a sign that your manifestation is close.
  3. People talking to you about your goals: People in your life may bring up your goals in conversations they are having with you. For example; your goal is to become the next Managing director of the company you work with and you’ve been working towards it.                                                  The last managing director was removed and they need a replacement. You’ve taken the exams, gone through the screening and other procedures required. You are now waiting and hoping you’ll be the most preferred choice.                                                                                  And let’s say a colleague of yours who has no idea your going in for managing director is having a discussion with you about something else and out of nowhere just says…..                                                                                                                                                                                      Brenda, they’ll be picking a new managing director soon, you should join in running for the post, you will be perfect for the job considering you are one of our best staff in this company.                                                                                                                                                                  This and so many other signs may come up to show that your goals are becoming a reality.

Step 5: Prayer practice

Asking God or the universe for help is often an overlooked step during the manifestation process.

Whether you’re averse to things that feel religious or you are simply unfamiliar with prayer, there are many reasons you may not have asked the universe for support yet.

For some people who are religious, praying is a major manifestation step because developing a prayer practice helps you to set your intentions before God and the universe or with your highest selves.

To explore this step, find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed and converse with God.

Just simply start talking to him about your goals and how you need his help. It could also be through positive affirmations for some people. For example; saying

I open my heart to trust and faith

I will succeed

I trust God and his goodness

I am worthy of receiving my heart desires

I steer my life in the direction of my highest dreams

Whatever works for you and like I said, it doesn’t have to be religious or even spiritual.

Simply open your heart to finding answers from something beyond your rational controlled mind. Ask for help and you might be surprised at what opportunities, revelation, and insights you may receive.


Manifestation entails your desires, goals, and visions being actualized or brought to reality.

Negative self-talk, doubts, fear, and lack of patience are all obstacles that may interfere with your manifestation.

Ensure you have your goals clearly stated. Focus on them irrespective of people’s negative thoughts or opinions on your vision, work towards them. Pray, be grateful for your little wins, and watch your dreams and goals become a reality.