Reasons people get married besides love

Are there reasons people get married besides love

You’re curious about the reasons people get married besides love right?

You don’t understand how 2 people can claim to love themselves and a few years later they are filing for a divorce?

You want to know if there is something stronger than love that can keep a relationship.

Of course! There are other reasons people get married besides love…

But is it stronger than love?

That’s a question you will have to answer by yourself at the end of this article.

Love is a strong force that builds relationships and leads to marriage…but nowadays it doesn’t seem enough anymore.

Keep reading and I’ll share with you five other reasons people get married and stay married besides love.

Why do people get married besides love?

A lot of factors can influence people’s decisions concerning relationships…

Back to the question – why do people get married besides love?

The answer can differ based on the individual but the 2 major reasons will be;

  1. Doesn’t believe in love 

It might sound unreal but there are a lot of people who do not believe in love.

They can’t understand how it works or why something shown in movies can happen in real life.

Most of these people weren’t always like this, they were once fanatics and love advocates.

But then, their love-life failed and it left an eternal hurt. 

So they live in self-denial-  it’s better to believe it doesn’t exist than to live remembering that you loved and lost.

          2. Never experienced love

The Second reason people get married besides love is that they’ve never experienced it.

This set of people had a hard upbringing with cruel parents, and toxic friends and suffered from severe depression and anxiety.

They don’t know what love is because they have never given themselves a chance to try.

They hide behind walls of restraint and push anyone again that tries to crack those walls.


There are other reasons people get married besides love if you want to know more.

Here’s a little exercise

  • Ask your friends what they think about the topic?
  • Make a post on social media about marriage besides love

You will get a lot of reasons, some shocking and others unbelievable.

If you carry out the exercise, please share your findings in the comment section.

Let’s talk about 5 reasons people get married besides love.

  • Financial security 

Reasons people get married besides love
Reasons people get married besides love

Yesss!!! Money tops the list of reasons people start a marriage without love.

And it’s understandable!

You need money to live a good life, build a family, eat well, take care of yourself and live in comfort.

So a lot of people will ditch the love train and book a first-class ticket to luxury without much thought.

But is this sustainable?

Absolutely not!

 A lot of affluent people keep making headlines with their million-dollar divorce cases.

You can’t build a family on money! Money is like a hard skill that you need to succeed…

But soft skills like love, patience, compassion, and sacrifice are important in building a long-lasting relationship.

Money is good! 

Money is important!

But if that’s the only reason you want to get married, what will happen in a time of a monetary crisis?

  • Peer pressure

 Surprising right?

As shocking as this is, a lot of people, especially ladies, are victims of getting married due to peer pressure.

Oh! My friends are all married.

She’s younger but she has a kid 

My little cousin is getting married.

So you rush in with the next available bachelor and compromise your happiness for years.

This is wrong by all standards!

You didn’t get to know the man or lady, you have no idea if you can learn to love him or her…

You rush into a lifelong commitment because you’re scared of what people will say.

If it’s someone you never get along with, you can end up as an unfaithful partner that cheats with someone you fall in love with…

And divorce is inevitable!

  • We can get a divorce!

People get married besides love because they can call it quits if it doesn’t work.

No one is interested in therapy or counseling…

It’s all about if he/she can’t live by rules, we are done!

We live in a world where people get married with the idea of…

“If it doesn’t work out, we can get a divorce”

Marriage is not seen as a lifelong relationship anymore rather it’s something you can quit if it doesn’t work.

But that’s not what the bible says.

Nowadays, marriage has become a game of let’s see how long we can last.

  • To get an inheritance  

This is closely related to marriage for financial security but this comes with a bigger goal.

A lot of ladies stay in unhappy marriages where they are beaten and mistreated to be included in the will.

This is a marriage with a futuristic goal.

You want the person’s money but not only that, but you also want a part of his wealth after death.

The targets are usually high-profile billionaires(from old money).

The term old money means they had their riches handed over to them from their family. It’s generational wealth.

This sounds juicy, won’t you love to get married to a family with that much wealth?

  • Raise a family  

Reasons people get married besides love
Reasons people get married besides love

With the rise of baby mamas, baby daddies, surrogacy, and IVF(In vitro fertilization) this shouldn’t make the list.

But it did!

That’s because some people don’t believe in raising a child out of wedlock.

For this reason, they get married with the primary intention of raising kids.

And if your wife/husband can’t give you kids in the first 2-3 years, what’s gonna happen?

Arguments, fights, and quarrels shouldn’t be a frequent occurrence in your home.

Should I get married if I’m not in love with my spouse 

Unlike the popular saying in the world that love fails…

The Bible says Love does not fail.

Love is not butterflies in your stomach, a skip of your heart whenever you see an individual…

It’s more than that.

It depends on sacrifice, attention, careful study of your partners, compromise, and lots more.

A love built on the foundation of God’s word can never fail. 


The Bible says:

Love as Christ loved the church!

Love your neighbor as you love yourself!

If you can’t classify your love as either of the above, then you need to question that feeling.

Love doesn’t fail!

If you want a long-lasting marriage that’s filled with joy, occasional arguments that get settled, peace, and growth…

You need to choose love above everything else.


It’s your decision to get married besides love, no one should make that choice for you.

But remember…

There will be consequences, will you be willing to pay that price?