5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer

Let’s begin this topic with a question, did you start your day right?

The answer to this question is either yes or no.

That’s right! there’s no grey area or “I think so.”

If you hate smiling in the morning or just keep destroying your properties every A.M…

I get you!

After a broken leg, countless broken alarms and mugs, I know what that feels like.

If this sounds like what you do every morning but you want to change…

Then, this is the perfect read for you.


Long ago, approximately 2-3 years ago I struggled with my morning routine.

The thought of a new day with a lot of activities to do freaked me out!

Don’t get me wrong…

I didn’t want to die nor did I hate my life.

No! That wasn’t the case.

I just wasn’t excited every morning so I lived a long life filled with dull and sad mornings.

But all that changed when I met someone…

I know what you’re thinking about but you are wrong!

I did not fall in love with anyone… at least not in the sense you are thinking about.

Sorry to spoil your fantasy…

I met the happiest girl ever, she was always bubbling with a lot of smiles, waves and talks to go around.

She became my friend and influenced me…

I started looking for ways to be more active and happy in the morning…

After 3 years of research, coffee, personal brainstorming session, fake smile and hellos…

I am pleased to announce that I look forward to my morning routine with an average amount of enthusiasm.

These are tested and tried steps on how to start your day right…

My ultimate 5 steps to starting your day right

But what does this topic mean?

Is there a perfect morning routine that makes everything better?

Of course not, if there was a formula it would get boring in the long run.

This is not a “know-it-all formula” to tell you what to do or not.

All the tips I’m writing about are steps I have tried and they worked for me.

Choose a step from my life-changing morning hack to start your day right…

1. Be thankful to someone or something

5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer
5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer

Whether it’s Billy your 5 years old dog that still doesn’t understand the “get out of my bed look”

Or your parents, siblings, social media account, nature or coffee maker.

You need to be grateful for something.

As a woman of faith, a lover of nature and family, I have countless things to be thankful for.

Once I’m up in the morning, I thank God for everything I own including my closet filled with shoes I have worn once.

I thank God for the smallest details in my life.

Showing gratitude always sets my day in the right direction. It connects me to divinity and makes me realise that someone other than myself cares for me.

2. A mini time-bound pampering session

5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer
5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer

A morning self-care routine should be the eighth wonder of the world.

It’s a luxury that anyone and everyone can afford based on your finances, living status (married, single or currently living with extra humans).

Once I discovered the perfect self-care routine, it got exciting to wake up every morning.

I could share my routine with you but that’s not the right thing.

It’s much better if you keep experimenting till you find the right one.

A 3-minute mirror watching session filled with a lot of motivational speech and affirmation is a great way to start your day right.

3. Get that body moving!

5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer
5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer

I know what you are thinking and you are right, or are you?

I wasn’t going to tell you about exercising…

Let’s take a moment to appreciate anyone that introduces stretching to planet earth.

Not only is it a great way to relieve stress, but the health benefits it offers is amazing.

One of my all-time favourites stretches “the cobra pose” is just a perfect position to stay in for 3 – 4 minutes.

You feel your abdominal muscles stretching but at the same time, you are relaxed.

There are different stretches you can add to your morning routine. Do the research and get to work!

4. Feed that stomach!

5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer
5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer

I can hear my stomach growl as I write this step, it’s almost time for lunch.

I have never been a fan of eating in the morning, it made me sluggish and dull.

That’s what I have always believed.

Every day I had brunch and never thought about breakfast.

I’m going to be super real guys…

This was the hardest habit to cultivate – it was not easy but it was worth it.

📍First, I had to change my mindset by reading books and articles on healthy eating lifestyle.

📍 Then, I had to prepare a breakfast menu! I hate boring food. If I was going to eat in the morning, it would be appetising.

📍 I’m not much of a cook but I had to learn! It was a funny, stressful and taste-filled experience.

This was the hardest habit to cultivate but I wasn’t willing to back down without a fight. Currently, I eat breakfast at least thrice a week. That’s an improvement from never.

5. Game-changing to-do list

5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer
5 ways to start your day right- No 2 is a game-changer

Little miss perfect” was my nickname while growing up.

But I grew up and it just went down the drain…

Here is what a typical gloomy morning looked like for me:

📍Wake up when I feel like, perks of being a remote worker.

📍I complete my tasks when I feel like, I just made sure it was ready by the deadline.

📍Always had late-week tasks to tackle in a new week.

📍 I was always saying – wow the time is so fast, I haven’t achieved anything.

The point I’m trying to make is, working without to-dos kept me in a disorganised state.

I didn’t know what needs to be done, when it should be done and how quickly.

But now the situation is different!

Depending on how I plan my day, I can complete my daily tasks in 4-5 hours and the rest time is open to whatever I want to do.

Planning my to-dos early in the morning helps to keep my day organised, save time and keeps me focused.


You alone can decide to start your day right! just take the first step…

Read this article and choose one new habit to cultivate.

The energy you receive, connections you build and compliments you get are all different when you start your day right.