4 reasons you need to take care of your parents in their old age

4 reasons you need to take care of your parents in their old age

Most people are curious about this, they are also confused as to why they need to care for their parents in old age. Most people who ask this question “why should I take care of my parents in their old age” have issues with their parents as kids.

In old age, our parents are no longer fit or capable of handling certain daily activities themselves. Therefore, they need our help or the help of live-in nurses to assist them in so many daily tasks.

Taking care of our parents in their old age should not be seen as a burden. They did their best to look after us while we were growing up. I think it is best that you also look after them, especially in their old age when they are incapable of doing so themselves.

It is true that some parents in their older age are capable of taking care of themselves. This is an exception and not a general rule.

If your parents are capable of taking care of themselves that’s really great. But it is not a good enough reason to leave them unattended.

Let’s take a practical example

As a young award-winning athlete, you might get into an accident and injure yourself. This might lead to the end of your career.

However, if you scale through your younger age without any injury. Then, it is possible that your intensity or speed might reduce when you get to a sudden age.

This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to run again. But it simply implies that you can’t perform as you once did before.

It is the same with our parents. The way or manner in which they handle their activities in the past will differ greatly in old age.

It is a known fact that so many parents did not take care of their children. Hence at their old age, their children return the favor.

Is this good or bad? That’s a question you need to answer yourself.

4 reasons you need to take care of your parents in their old age
4 reasons you need to take care of your parents in their old age

Reasons children do not take care of their parents in old age

There are so many reasons why people do not take care of their parents in old age.

Not everyone has lovely, understanding, and supportive parents. Some parents are victims of victims. This simply means that they did not receive love or support from their parents therefore they do the same to their kids.

This is absolutely not acceptable. If you are a victim of child abuse or neglect, I suggest that you go for therapy.

Don’t transfer your hate or hurt to your kids. They did absolutely nothing to deserve those harsh treatment.

  1. Payback

Most children grew up in an unfriendly parental environment. They have little to no understanding of what love, support, and friendship feels.

Therefore, when they grow up to discover that their family is dysfunctional. Some children plan their revenge against their parents.

I might have no knowledge of what it felt like, but I’m certain that was lonely, chaotic, and sad. For this reason, the only thing I can say is;

I’m sorry! I feel extremely sorry that your early stage of life was full of hurt and heartbreak.

Of course, I am fully aware that “sorry” is not a magical eraser but that’s all I can offer.

Children with hurtful backgrounds might decide to have their revenge on their parents. There are some people in the world who are motivated by revenge.

In their time of pain and depression, the only thing that kept them going was revenge. They live with high hopes of repaying their parents or guardians, by neglecting them in their old age.

  1. Peer influence

While this might sound untrue and probably impossible, it is actually very true. There are so many children who refuse to take care of their parents because their friends are doing the same.

I have heard some conversations of people about their parents and it is really sad and unpleasant.

Different unpleasant conversations among friends such as

  • It is their responsibility to take care of us. It is not the other way round
  • My parents did not take care of my grandparents. So why should I? Did your parents take care of your grandparents?
  • You have your kids to worry about, your parents are adults.
  • If your parents disturb you a lot just relocate to somewhere they can’t reach you.
  • My parents can handle themselves in their old age. Yours should do the same too.
  1. Annoying and demanding parents

With the aim of trying to grasp and understand this topic. I interviewed some people; a particular answer was strange and fascinating.

The lady’s reply was “my parents are extremely annoying and demanding” Nothing I ever do is enough for them; it seems like they have forgotten that I’m no longer a child.

They can’t tell me what to do or how to take care of them. I never did that when I was a child, I simply took whatever they gave me.

In total sincerity, I couldn’t tolerate their nagging and complaining attitude. Therefore, I made a decision to stop taking care of them.

  1. They do not understand the concept

Most children do not understand why they need to take care of their parents in their old age.

Probably, their parents didn’t take care of their own parents, therefore they were not able to learn anything.

That’s okay. Read on to find out why you need to take care of your parents in their old age.

4 reasons you need to take care of your parents in their old age
4 reasons you need to take care of your parents in their old age

The major reasons you should take care of your parents in old age

  • They are old

The major reason you need to take care of your parents in their old age is the fact that they are old.

They aren’t as strong or capable as they use to be. Of course, there are certain activities they can handle by themselves. However, they need your care, love as well as financial support.

Most children receive their parents’ support till they are 18 -25, however, some extremely wealthy parents always support their kids no matter the age.

If your parents are extremely wealthy and need little to no financial support from you. That’s totally fine.

The fact that they do not need money, does not mean that they do not need any form of care.

If they need maids or live-in nurses, it is your responsibility to ensure that you personally screen or interview them.

Don’t open your parents’ home to strangers that you have little to no knowledge about.

You can also visit and call them regularly to ensure that they are doing well.

Bringing the kids over once in a while is also a good way to take care of your parents in their old age.

  • To show love and support

One important way to show our love and support for our parents is to take care of them in their old age.

Despite the age, when you love or support someone you try your best to meet their needs.

The only way to meet the needs of your parents in their old age is to show love and support by caring for them.

Check up on them regularly, ensure that they go for medical checkups. If you have enough finances, you can employ staff to help them with their daily activities.

You can also hire a live-in nanny. Someone who looks after them cooks their meals, does their laundry, ensures they eat healthily and engage in some form of exercise.

  • They can’t

Another reason you should take care of your parents in their old age is that a lot of them can’t.

In old age, most people are very susceptible to illnesses. They may feel tired a lot and have little or no strength to cook, clean, and engage in other domestic activities.

They can barely do the things they once did effectively.

Most settle for menial or less tasking jobs with lesser pay and fewer hours. As their child, you should take up the responsibility of catering for them to the best of your capacity.

  • You can

If you can then why not?

You are stronger, capable of handling more tasking and strenuous jobs. You probably earn more than them.

As much as you, I honestly think you should look after your parents in their old age.

Revenge might be sweet especially when served cold, but does it change the past?

Other reasons include;

  • It’s the right thing to do
  • To feel at peace with yourself
  • To give your kids the gift of grandparents
  • They deserve it
  • To teach them better (kill them with kindness)
  • Teach your kids


There are so many reasons why a lot of children are adamant to take care of their parents. However, there are much more reasons why you should.

It is extremely sad that some parents expose their children to emotional and physical abuse. This will definitely lead to hatred and zeal for revenge.

I can’t tell you to forget everything they did to you. Especially when you have physical and emotional scars to show for it.

But I will leave you with some questions;

  • Can revenge make up for the tears, pain, and hurt you felt?
  • Will it make everything better?
  • If your kids hear about it, what will they think?
  • Are you happy with your decision?

I know these are very difficult questions to answer. Ensure that you truthfully answer these four questions, then you can make your decision from your answers.

The choice is yours to make.






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