What separates us from God love

What separates us from God’s love?

What separates us from God’s love?

What exactly can separate you from God’s love? Is there something strong enough to take us away from the greatest love of all time?

I stared at this topic for two weeks and I couldn’t find the right words to put down. Therefore, I decided to throw the question back to you my dear readers.

God’s love is the purest and strongest love in the world. It assures us of a lifetime of joy, peace, and surety. The love of God is totally matchless and incomparable.

The bible tells us that “while we were yet sinners God loved us. Wow!! That is absolutely mind-blowing.

In the world today, we care for those that care for us and love those that love us. However, God doesn’t love like this, He loves everyone and will gladly accept anyone that loves him back.

The book of Revelation tells us “Behold I stand at the door and knock (God), if anyone hears my voice and open it, I will come into him and dine with him”. How amazing and interesting is this?  God obviously loves us; he is patiently waiting for us to recognize this love and accept it.

The Bible tells us that God is the creator of Heaven and Earth. Just imagine the creator of the world loves you, He is interested in your well-being, and he is patiently waiting for you to recognize his love.

I can go on and on about the unfailing love of God for mankind. However, that is not the key feature of today’s article. Rather a major point is what can take us away from the love God has for us.

Before we talk about what can separate us from God’s love let’s talk about the major characteristics of God’s love.

Characteristics of God’s love

What separates us from God love
What separates us from God love


If you want to learn about this particular virtue then you need to learn from the best. God is the perfect person to learn about patience.

In the bible, we can see how patient God was with the children of Israelites. They offended him a lot of times however he punished them but he was also very patient countless times.

God has exercised his patients towards mankind. What exactly is patience? According to the English Dictionary patience is a willingness to wait and not lose one’s temper when offended.

Countless times we continually engaged in different characters that are not pleasing to God. God is patient with everyone despite how different we all are. He knows all our flaws but still sticks around till we go above them and learn to become a better version of ourselves.

Most of our partners and friends aren’t as patient as God.

If we fall 10 times God’s love is sure to pick us up and accept us. It is such an amazing feeling to be loved by God.

  1. Reliable

We Can Rely on the love of God. Most partners are scared that their spouses will cheat on them or completely fall out of love with them. This is not the same with God, he loves us not based on what we are or have but because he chose to

We can rely on God to never abandon or fail us. Most times we make prayers but don’t receive answers and for this reason, we feel that God doesn’t love us anymore.

This is so untrue. The Bible says our prayers are not answered because we pray amidst. Check your prayers to ensure that you are not at fault. The Bible says that a woman can forsake her suckling child but God will never forsake us.

Don’t forget that God is not a man that he should lie. Therefore, when God says a particular thing, he means everything he says. He never lies. If God says he loves you, then you can rely on his word because he truly loves you.

  1. Provides

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. When we say we love someone, we try to provide for them, we give to those we love. God loves us so much that he sent Jesus to redeem our souls.

A gift that is completely incomparable. Apart from the provision of Salvation, God also provides our daily needs. He feeds, clothes, and gives us shelter. The bible clearly states that God does not want us to worry. He knows we need the basic amenities and he is capable to provide everything we need. How awesome is that?

Most times we are unable to provide certain things for those we love. There are some factors that can limit our ability to provide for those we care about. However, God cannot be limited. The Bible tells us that he will provide for us according to his riches in glory.

I definitely enjoy the provisions of God’s love on daily basis. How about you? Have you ever received from God? Tell me about it in the comments section.

  1. Support

Most people complain about an unsupportive partner. I have also heard teenagers complain about unsupportive parents and friends. Newsflash!!

God is not a critic he understands that we have different purposes.

Instead of criticizing us or trying to make us lose hope or belief in our dreams he sticks by us and ensures that we achieve our dreams.

God plays the role of a director; he points us the path to follow. Sometimes we do not listen to his directions. Then he allows us to make mistakes not to hurt us rather that we may learn and avoid this particular mistake in the future.

God’s love is stronger than a parent’s love for their favorite child.

  1. Eternal

In as much as we are accepting of God’s love. He is willing to love us forever. God’s love doesn’t leave us when we make mistakes rather, he corrects us with love.

The rate of divorce in the world is quite alarming. People are scared that once the relationship is made official (i.e., marriage) the individuals change and become different people.

Is this really true?

God doesn’t change when we love him too. He loves us even better and teaches us how to love our fellow humans. God’s love is not selfish he does not constantly see our faults. Rather he looks down on us with a love that is capable of pushing us towards the right path.

God loves us so much that he wants us to live at peace with our neighbors. Hence, he told us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Wow!! What in love.

God expects us to love others in order to experience peace and constant joy. He also says that if we hate our brothers, we are murderous. That’s quite a strong word.

But it’s really true, if you hate someone you will not care about the person’s feelings. You really do not care if they get hurt. It is totally no business of yours.

God does not want to live like this with our neighbors he expects us to showcase his kind of love to people around us.

What separates us from God love
What separates us from God love

Things that can separate us from God’s love

There are certain things we do that make God turn his back on us. It is true that God is a merciful and loving father. However, he is also a consuming fire. In proverbs, seven things are mentioned that God hates.

I personally think that if you continually engage in the things that God hates. He might be forced to get angry at you. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore however there is a serious strain in the relationship.

  1. Disobedience

When God asks us to do a particular thing. He expects us to listen to him and not do what pleases us (instant gratification). The truth is God’s love is the most selfless love in the world.

Therefore, when God asks us to do a particular thing, it might actually be for our good and the good of others.

Saul was always in the habit of acting on his own accord. He did what he felt was right without consulting God and this put a strain on their relationship. God chose Saul as the King of Israel but he also rejected him due to the level of disobedience he displayed.

David was called a man after God’s heart! Why?

David felt remorseful whenever he disobeyed God. He begged for forgiveness until he was certain that God has forgiven him. David was also a Wiseman, he made good use of the supernatural wisdom he was privileged to have.

He always sought God before embarking on any task.

The relationship between God and David is a perfect example of the cordial relationship God seeks to have with us.

When our children or younger siblings disobey our instructions, we feel offended and hurt.

Then imagine how God who loves us dearly feels when we disobey him. Say no to disobedience to God.

  1. Hatred

The bible says that we cannot say we love God when we hate our brothers (humans we see every day).

If we hate humans that we can see how much more God that we cannot see.

We are commanded to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This is what is expected from us. Our heavenly father loves us dearly and expects us to love others.

We cannot claim to love our neighbors when we gossip about them or do things that will make them sad. Love covers a multitude of faults that exactly what the Bible says.

When we love our neighbors, we are able to look beyond their weaknesses and actually showcase God’s kind of love to them.

Love is the greatest commandment given, if you don’t obey the greatest commandment there will definitely be a separation in your relationship with God.

  1. Sin

The bible tells us that God is too holy to behold sin. Hence, one of the major ways to separate yourself from God’s Love is to constantly engage in sin.

The Bible says “what can it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul “. If you don’t want to lose your soul just for instant gratification then you have to avoid sinful involvement.

During Jesus Crucifixion, there was a time Jesus cried out on the cross about being forsaken by God.

The sin of the world was weighed on Jesus. When God looked down on him all he saw was loads of sin. He could not behold it therefore he turned his back on his son.

Sin can cause a major bridge in your communication with God. One of the major keys to a good relationship is an effective communication system. Once communication is broken there’s obviously going to be a major separation between both parties.

To say no to seeing is to say yes, the joy that comes with effective communication with God.

  1. Disbelief

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. This is a very popular scripture in the Bible. If you don’t believe that God loves you even if he does, you may never experience the joy that comes with being in a relationship with God.

This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love you. It just shows that you do not believe in his existence hence there is no communication which equals a separation.

The class of people that fall in this category may experience God’s provision. However, they do not recognize it as God’s doing.

They believe that it is their hard work that got them everything they own.

How to mend your relationship with God

  • Recognize the problem
  • Brainstorm on the solution
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you
  • Build the communication system with God
  • Love orders.


If you love me, keep my commandments and the greatest commandment of all time is love.

I prefer to keep this commandment than to lose all the wonderful benefits that come with being in a relationship with God.

I have experienced both sides, a separation from God and God’s love. Trust me when I say the latter is much better than the former.

God’s love is incomparable matchless and totally accommodative.

I experienced it daily, you too can experience got love.