What you should know about Fate and Destiny


Destiny and fate are used intertwined in conversation.

They are very similar and sometimes people use both in the same context.

Both destiny and fate are predetermined event that is outside of our control.

People see fate as a natural order they must accept because you can never do anything to change fate.

Sometimes, people believe that whatever they are going through in life is their fate because it has been destined to be like that.

For instance, people that grow up in poverty, most times believe that poverty runs in their family and nobody can break out of the poverty.

Some people believe that twins runs in their family and anybody that married into that family must at least have twins.

Nobody has control over fate, it cannot be changed no matter how hard we try to change it.

With fate, we are handicapped over our situation because it is meant to be.

Most times, people use bible quotation to console themselves that it is their path in life for example, Jeremiah 1 vs 5 says before we were born, God already know us by name,

meaning that our life have already been mapped out and designed for us before our existence while destiny is the effort we make to change what we don’t like in our life, for you to do that, you, must have the willpower, courage and patient then work your way through.

Fate is accepting the fact that this condition has come to stay while destiny is doing everything in your will power to change that which you don’t like around you and live the life we want. Destiny can be influenced with our action while fate is seen as divinely planned.

A man was crying saying he don’t know why his life is like this, he has a condition that made him excluded himself from the society, he hardly enjoy his life,

so he was lamenting saying why is his own life different, did he do something different that make God to punish him like this, in  their house everybody is healthy doing their things.

Initially, he refused to accept his condition but gradually started to accept it as his fate for his life to be like that.

On the contrary, destiny will find way of showcasing its willpower, using the condition to change lives, help other people with similar condition to find hope. To make people understand that even though life is like this, it is not the end of the world.