4 reasons parents push their kids into prostitution

As demeaning as this topic sounds, it happens in society today.

There are so many parents that push their children into prostitution as a means of survival.

Parents have a stronghold over their children’s lives and most times they misuse.

It’s like some political officials that turn their leadership into a dictatorship rule.

Also, some parents act as dictators to their children and their kids have no say about what goes on in their life.

Next, they do everything their parents ask of them without any complaint.

In a situation where the child has no say over their life choices, they end up doing their parents biddings.

It could involve sending them into prostitution, the child will comply as it is the responsibility of a good family member.

There are so many children who are subject to this kind of family upbringing.

From childhood, they are brought up to obey everything their parents say, their parent’s decision is the ultimate order.

It is disheartening to know that parents will subject their children to this form of wickedness with a lousy excuse “survival”.

As parents we are supposed to love and care for children, not put them into some dirty business just to survive.

This is unacceptable.

Children are fragile; they have minimal knowledge  about life or their bodies and you think it is okay to ship them off as commercial workers?

That’s wrong!

When you ship your children into prostitution you expose them to different infections and dangers.

In this article, we will be discussing about 8 reasons parents push their kids into prostitution

Parents push their kids into prostitution for different reasons, let’s discuss 8 reasons.

8 reasons parents push their kids into prostitution 

1. Poverty

Poverty is the major cause of many social ills in society today.

It is found among the causes of high crime rate, abuse, domestic violence, and other ills in the society.

There are quite a number of poverty eradication schemes but it is almost impossible to eradicate poverty in the society.

Due to poverty, most parents have sent their children into prostitution directly or indirectly.

Parents no longer seek to care for or protect their children, instead, they seek means of survival.

Prostitution pays quite a good sum therefore, they send off their children into this act in order to make end means.

It might not be directly…

For example a mother may not tell her daughter to go into prostitution to bring money for the home.

But the child might notice the unpleasant situation in the family and decide to look for something that can bring money into the family.

Children dive into prostitution because it is quite lucrative and requires little to no skill.

All you need is the right connections and you can start making money immediately after your first job.

As for the parents that directly push their kids into prostitution, here’s how they achieve their aim.

They blame their children for their misfortunes, rain abuse and insults on them, remind them that they are the cause of their problems.

These children tend to run away from home in order to search for a means to make money and since prostitution offers good pay they go for it.

2. Ignorance

4 reasons parents push their kids into prostitution
4 reasons parents push their kids into prostitution

As crazy as it sounds, most parents don’t even understand the rate at which children suffer to make money from prostitution.

Some parents think it’s just sleeping with someone and getting paid but it’s much more.

If parents are educated about most of the risks associated with prostitution, the rate at which they push their children into this act will reduce.

It’s not all about sleeping with someone for money, prostitution has gone beyond that.

There is child pornography, BDSM, and other unpleasant sexual activities that can ruin your child’s life forever.

In addition, your children are at the risk of certain diseases and activities that they can never imagine in their life.

It’s not a time to hide this critical conversation, talk to someone and save your child’s life.

In sensitization campaigns parents especially those in rural areas who have no access to the internet should be made to understand that children do much more than sleeping with people.

There are other unpleasant acts that children are forced to engage in.

Sadists and pedophiles are out there in the world seeking for children to do their bidding.

In addition, don’t let your child fall victim to these psychopaths.

You need to protect our children, this is your fundamental responsibility as a parent.

3. Hatred

The question you’re asking right now is can a parent give birth to a child and hate them?

Yes, it happens!

Most children were unexpected or a single parent has them in a very rough time and this can cause hatred from the parent to the child.

Furthermore, when you hate something, you do not care about its feelings or well-being.

Parents that hate their children would gladly hand over their children to pimps for mere money.

Also, this hatred can arise from a step-parent who sells a child to prostitution out of hatred for the child since he or she is not theirs.

Hatred can make people do bad things to their fellow humans. How much more a young docile child that barely knows what it means to earn a living.

4. Form of punishment

We live in a world where people no longer care about their neighbors.

How much more defenceless children with no power to defend themselves.

For instance, a child engages in an act that’s degrading to the parents or the family name.

Most parents resort to extreme punishment like prostitution and this is wrong.

If your child hurts you or brought disgrace to your name and reputation try to handle the matter as a family and not sell them off to prostitution just to cover your family’s name. This is an act of wickedness.

It is important to remember that we all make mistakes, we are human, mistakes are inevitable.

Children or teenagers are also prone to making mistakes. They are experiencing life in different forms hence, they make certain decisions that are wrong.

As parents, it is our duty to guide them through it and not ship them off to prostitution as a form of punishment

5. Lack of morals

It is possible that a single mum who grew up as a prostitute may push her children tothe same path.

To a commercial worker, it is okay as long as it provides the basic necessities of life( food, water, shelter) but a responsible parent knows better.

Also, if you are a commercial worker it doesn’t mean your child has to be the same.

Raise your kids to be dream achievers, invest your money and time to ensure that they achieve their dreams.

Serve as your kid’s motivation and don’t ever let them settle for less.

Teach them the rewards of resilience, groom them to have self-esteem, self-confidence, and an outstanding reputation.

Don’t crush their life dreams or goals.

6. Neglect

4 reasons parents push their kids into prostitution
4 reasons parents push their kids into prostitution

Many parents are so concerned about their career, money, and other things that the upbringing of their children is of little concern to them.

They leave the training of their children to nannies who only work to make money and earn a living.

Children with this kind of upbringing resort to prostitution not for money but to feel loved cared and wanted.

Parents indirectly push their children into prostitution cause they were never around to provide them with the love, care, and support they needed.

7. Inability to perform parental responsibilities

In some families, the parents act like the children and expect the children to take over the role of the parents.

It sounds funny but some people do this.

It’s quite common among women whose husbands are always away.

They act like the babies of the house and expect their children to provide and take care of them, this could possibly be a mental disorder.

Most times children from this kind of family tend to search for love and parental care and most times they find solace in sleeping around.

They search for a father or mother figure that can show them the love their parents didn’t show them, someone hat can take care of their needs like a parent.

This is major way parents push their children into prostitution.

8. Comparison

Nowadays, most parents don’t stick to their own laid down rules.

They always tell their kids to be content with what they have but they don’t obey the rules they set.

They go “on and on ” comparing their children with other kids.

While this is more common among female children, it’s also a rising cause of prostitution among males.

Constant nagging from parents about the wealth of someone else and not that of their child has pushed so many children into different illegal activities.

Then, the children are forced do whatever they can make their parents happy and proud of them.


The lucrativeness of prostitution has lured so many people into the business.

It is our duty as parents to look after our children, we ought to care for them and protect them not ship them into prostitution.

Parents play a vital role in the future of their children, it is important that as parents we do our best to ensure that our children’s future is secured.

Also, don’t push your children into prostitution, there are so many risks but the only benefit is money.

Finally, say no to prostitution, support your children’s dreams and do your best to make them role models in the society.