Personal growth – a must have soft skill in the new year

You’ve heard this word several times in church, seminars and school.

People are always talking about personal growth but how many have the patience to keep up with it?

Personal growth is not about what people think about you, it’s all about you.

Perhaps, you have spent a few hours thinking about your life as you noticed some flaws.

The best way to deal with these flaws, is to make a decision to do the opposite of whatever those flaws are.

That’s what personal growth is all about.

When you engage in personal development, you are not trying to change yourself to something you cannot recognise.

You are only trying to work on certain aspects of your life that you don’t like or you want to make better.

To engage in personal development, you must be willing to communicate with your inner self and ask yourself the following questions;

  • What are my weak points and strengths?
  • Can I move a little out of my comfort zone?
  • What are the things I need to do to change this particular aspect of my life?

These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself when you want to embark on a self improvement  journey.

If you’re looking for a must have soft skill for 4he new year – the most important one is your personal growth.

Keep reading to find out why  growth is super important.

Why is it necessary?

Personal growth- A must have soft skill in the new year
Personal growth – a must have soft skill in the new year

A lot of people might say “it’s my life, why do I have to improve? 

It’s about me, not anyone else, so why do I have to change?

It’s true that growth is a choice but humans, you must choose to keep growing. 

Let’s consider biological life 

You grow from a foetus to a baby, then a  toddler, a teenager and finally an adult. 

You grow bigger after a given period. 

It is important to engage in personal growth as it is beneficial not just us but to people around us. 

  • You will be lonely 

If people notice the toxicity around you they will avoid us and you will lose many friends.

  • Your life will be stagnant

If you remain in your comfort zone for so long you won’t achieve anything different.

The only thing you will have are your past achievements and nothing else.

There will be no improvement, just stagnancy.

The world we live in is always evolving, years back everyone was using Nokia 3310 but now we have modern gadgets like iPhone and Samsung and 

If you stick with your Nokia 3310 in this present century, you will miss out on a lot of information that the recent upgrades offer .

Does personal growth have any benefits?

Personal growth - a must have soft skill in the new year
Personal growth – a must have soft skill in the new year

We love to engage in things that benefit us, there’s no reason to engage in activities that offer no positive returns.

Therefore the question we should ask is how is personal growth beneficial to us?

As we grew from kids to adults we gain  more strength, intelligence, heights, and much more.

That’s the same with personal development, the more effort you put in the more results you receive.

  1. Influences our relationships 

The first step in personal development is self reflection.

As you reflect about your life, you’re able to discover certain qualities that are toxic to people around us.

When we improve our characters and abilities, it helps to build stronger relationships with people.

For example Letitia was a beautiful girl but she was rude to people because she felt they were going to be rude to her.

So she chose to do it first.

If she notices that you are not friendly she comes right at you.

She does these to protect herself from humiliation and embarrassment.

However during her personal growth journey, she discovered that people can be rude for different reasons.

For her, being rude was a means of protection that made her realize that people could have their own reasons.

She made the decision to quit being rude and stick to kindness.

  1. Increases our achievements

Staying in your comfort zone is not the right way to achieve success.

If you want to be successful you must be willing to push yourself beyond your limits.

To advance in life you have to look beyond, around and within the box.

You should be willing to explore and try out certain things that you wouldn’t do.

Note: you don’t have to do things that are contrary to your belief or principles.

  1. Helps us build new and positive habits

When you engage in personal development you need to learn certain habits that will help you achieve your goals.

For example if you want to improve in your workout routine you get to build resilience and consistency.

These new habits will be beneficial in your workout routine but it will also help you in other life decisions.

You build new habits when you engage in personal growth. 

  1. Increases creativity

You can boost your creativity by learning about new skills, recent abilities and doing research.

If you want to improve in a particular thing you don’t do that by wishing, you need to work to achieve the life that you dream about.

If you have a particular skill and you want to improve or you want to get more creative with what you’re doing then that’s great. 

Make inquiries about it, talk to people who are better, search the Internet and find some new ideas that you didn’t think about.

How to improve your life through personal growth 

Personal growth - a must have soft skill in the new year

  1. Make a decision 

To improve your life you must be willing to make the choice. 

Every self improvement journey begins with a decision. 

You need to decide that you’re in need of personal growth and be willing to engage in it. 

All successful ideas begin with a decision to succeed.

  1. Outline the areas you want to change

As part of your personal development journey you should consider getting a journal.

Write down the things you do not like about yourself (habits), attitude that you display but you’re not comfortable with and also write down the steps you will take to do better.

Your dreams might be vague but when you divide them into daily plans and habits you are bound to achieve them faster. 

Have an end goal, make a plan and ensure you follow through with it.

  1. Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is a dangerous habit you should stay away from because it is hard to quit.

Nothing steals your time and productivity as much as procrastination. 

If you want to improve your life then you need to get rid of this habit.

  1. Have a proactive character 

Be willing to take responsibility for things that do not go as planned.

Don’t develop a life full of blame for the universe, learn to accept that certain things are your faults and you can do better.

If you always blame people for every wrong thing that happens in your life, that’s so unfortunate. 

Don’t blame people for ruining your life, instead believe that you are responsible for your life and everything that goes on within you.

  1. Learn to Read and practice 

There is a long standing statement that readers are leaders 

If you want to experience growth in your life, you must be willing to read and practice 

Books, articles and other publications are people’s point of view about life, there are lots of books on how to improve yourself.

Reading drives away ignorance!

There are certain habits or informal education that you receive but are wrong and if you don’t read, you’ll never know.

If someone tells you about it, in public, it can be embarrassing, it’s much better you find out about it by reading books. 

  1. Bid your past mistakes goodbye

It’s about time you say goodbye to your past mistakes and look forward to the future. 

Mistakes are made everyday by different people so you should not hurt yourself by holding on to your past faults.

Choose to apologise to people you have hurt and forgive yourself. 

  1. Build up Resilience 

What you need when you are faced with a stressful situation is the ability to persist even in the face of challenges. 

Personal growth requires strength, persistence and stability. 

To achieve your goals, you must be strong enough to withstand laziness.

Always be confident in your goals and you will achieve them at the right

  1. Stress doesn’t solve anything 

Stressing over things you cannot control will affect your mental and physical health.

If you are worried about a particular thing, it is important that you engage more in problem solving rather than overthinking. 

Problem solving offers results but overthinking only yields stress especially psychologically.

  1. Don’t limit yourself 

Most times we have a fixed position that we believe we are destined to always remain.

This is not true we can exceed our self-imposed limits, we need to stop restricting ourselves.

Allow yourself to go beyond the boundaries you have set up, exceed your limit and watch yourself soar.


Personal growth is like a self care routine, you need to create time to take care of yourself not just for you but for the people in your life. 

Engaging in personal development is the best way to upgrade your life.