Overcome Fear

Defeat comes by believing what fear says

How to overcome fear-Defeat comes by believing what fear says

It is very possible to overcome fear however, you need to prepare youself mentally.

Fear is a dream killer, it is responsible for millions of dreams and goals left unaccomplished. 

It has ruined the happy ending of so many people in the world Including those we love and care about. 

The big question is how does fear amass this power? Where does its strength come from?

On its own, fear is powerless, it is surprising to know that “We are the power source of fear” 

All the strength that fear possesses comes from within us. 

Fear is not physical, it is mental; it deals with the mind. The moment you accept a theory mentally, you slowly manifest it physically.

The battle is between your mind and fear.

When you have a new dream or you write a new book, fear is not happy with your progress.

It declares war with your mind. It starts with little doubts or absurd questions such as;

  • Is this even a good book?
  • Was the grammar too simple?
  • Will anyone even read it?

When you start asking questions like this, just know that a battle is about to begin.

You cannot go to a battlefield empty-handed, you need to prepare your weapons.

In the first stage of the war,  your answers are your weapons. You need to get really creative with your responses.

For example;

1.    Is this book even good?  

Answer: No it isn’t, it’s not good, it is perfect for the right person.

2.    Will anyone read this book?  

Answer:  I did and last time I checked, I am somebody.

3.    Is the grammar not too simple?

Answer: Well it is not a book for professors or English professionals.

Keep your answers smart, truthful, and creative. 

Your mind is the battleground and your words and mindset are your weapons. 

If fear wins the battle and you accept defeat, then your vision or dreams will also come to an end.

What is fear?

According to the English dictionary, fear is a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion or feeling caused by actual or perceived danger or threat. 

Fear is a negative perception of your vision, dreams, and goals. It arises when there are a lot of questions you can’t seem to find an answer to.

The next thing most people do is; answer these questions with negative responses.

The fact that you can’t find a perfect answer to some questions pertaining to your dream or future doesn’t mean it will fail.

Unanswered questions create room for growth, spontaneity, and surprises. There may be bad times but there will always be good times too.

Answering these questions with negativity is just a tool by fear to corrupt your dreams and limit you.

What is belief?

To accept as true, particularly without absolute certainty.

Belief is a total acceptance of a concept or ideology. When you believe in something, you have faith that it will come to pass.

What we believe in, we hope for and what we hope for is definitely what we will receive.

It’s just like the law of attraction; what you accept, you receive. 

What is defeat?

Defeat is a stronger form of failure, It means to overcome a battle or to reduce to nothing. 

When you begin a new milestone; write a book, write a song, or get promoted to a new position there is a possibility that you might make certain mistakes.

You might fail at a new task or record poor sales, this is a temporary setback.

However, if you hold on to these little mistakes or setbacks and refuse to move forward. Then, you experience the biggest dream killer in the world, defeat.

A defeated person is one who sees no reason to move on, an individual that is tired of making mistakes and learning from them.

For this reason, he/she has decided to stop pushing and leave everything to chance.

When you accept failure as your new normal, you have accepted defeat. 

The relationship between fear, belief, and defeat

Fear, belief, and defeat come together to form a chain, the strongest linking force is belief.

Without belief, fear cannot exist and when fear does not exist, defeat does not also exist.

Fear is a suggestion about your future that comes from many unanswered questions running through your mind.

The suggestions of fear are also negative, it is your choice to believe or not.

When you accept what fear suggests, it is no longer a normal suggestion. 

Fear’s suggestions without acceptance are just like vapor that evaporates. However, when you believe fear’s suggestions, you feed that fear with power. 

The suggestions of fear are always negative, its major goal is to keep you from advancing forward.

It is the middleman between fear and defeat, if you do not believe what fear says you will not experience defeat. 

You might fall or fail a lot but because you don’t believe in giving up you will definitely succeed no matter how long it takes.

When you believe the negativity that fear comes with, you slowly accept defeat as your new reality.

Fear is powerless without acceptance, however, when you accept what fear says about your dreams. You have made the decision to accept defeat.

How to defeat fear

To overcome fear, you must be willing to work on yourself. 

The battle takes place in your mind, therefore you need to upgrade the battlefield with the necessary weapons. 

Learn to overcome fear with the following steps;

1.    Self-work  

The battle between success and defeat takes place within the individual. It is a personal war that each individual must engage in with the aim to win.

The battle is between success and defeat however the weapon of defeat is fear. 

To overcome fear, you need to work on yourself in five major ways;


Most people neglect themselves, including their physical and mental well-being. 

You need to be physically and mentally ready to win the war against fear.


If you do not love yourself you will not be invested in taking care of yourself.  

Take care of yourself, engage in grooming activities, keep your environment clean and most especially read books that help to build your mind.


Learn to stand up for yourself, stop waiting for someone to always come to your rescue.

In the battle with your mind, no one is coming to rescue you. You have to face fear head-on and do everything possible to win.

Set principles for your life and don’t tolerate any form of disrespect or disregard your principles.


If you do not know what you are worth, anybody can place a bid. 

You are not a commodity for auction, don’t let people put a price on you. To fight the war against fear, you must know your strengths and weaknesses. 

When you are aware of your capabilities, fear cannot use them against you.


Low self-esteem is a big weakness in the war between success and defeat. 

Your mind is the battleground therefore if you have a weak mind the war will be against you.

2.    Begin the battle    

When you are aware of your enemy’s plans and strategies, you can outsmart them.

Fear’s strategy is to majorly use your doubts against you.

How can you outsmart fear knowing this secret?

What are your doubts concerning your new book? What’s your secret fear about your dreams or goals?

You need to answer these questions and other self-limiting questions. 

When you answer these questions, you will be fully prepared with the right answers to tackle fear.

You can write this down for easy reference.

3.    Practice gratitude  

Be thankful for all the things you have achieved.  Show appreciation for little things, those things that people take for granted.

Celebrate your wins, past achievements as well as the success of your friends and family.

4.    Never complete a negative, pessimistic and depressing statement.  

Don’t ever complete a negative statement, in case you have already started the statement, switch it as soon as you.  

Placing a negative tag on yourself is as good as telling yourself that you are worth nothing. An optimistic approach is a key to destroying fear.


Fear has no power unless you feed it, to feed fear all you need to do is to accept its negative suggestions.

Without fear there is no defeat, you are simply making mistakes, learning from them, and working towards achieving your dreams.

To overcome fear, you must be willing to war against it mentally and physically.