Do you struggle with consistency? Try these tips.


Consistency is one issue that a lot of people struggle with.

In our Society, people have big dreams and exciting careers that they aspire to achieve.

However, the problem arises when they struggle to stay consistent with what they do.

The most shocking part about everything is the fact that most people actually know that consistency is an issue for them. But they don’t know how to help themselves to become more consistent.

While some people might be aware that they struggle with consistency, others might have no idea why they can’t seem to achieve their goals or visions.

A lot of beautiful dreams and goals have died because so many individuals can’t stay focused at one thing for a long time.

Are you struggling with consistency? Do you find it very hard to achieve your dreams and goals? This article is the perfect read for you.

What is consistency?

Consistency is the ability to deliberately and consciously set standards and stick with them to achieve your goals.

When you are of a dependable personality, it simply means that your friends or boss can depend on you to handle things effectively in their absence.

Can you confidently state that your parents can travel out of the country and leave your siblings in your care?

To be consistent, you must be a reliable person that people can vouch for.

There are so many benefits of consistency, if you don’t practice this skill, the benefits of consistency will convince you that it is a skill you need to cultivate.

Characteristics of a consistent person

1. Punctuality
A consistent person is punctual in their dealings. He or she makes sure that they get their job done at the appropriate time.

If that requires coming to work on time then, a consistent person will always be the first person to be present.

Consistent people practice punctuality because they value their time and personal space.

They complete their tasks within the allocated time so it does not encroach on their time for other activities including rest and spending time with friends and family.

2. Plan
This is an enviable quality of a consistent person. They have a plan and they stick to the plan.

When you fail to plan for the day’s activity you end up with so much work and no schedule on how to achieve your plans.

A consistent person is not a boring person however, it might seem like they are boring when they are working on their task.

They are simply trying to complete their tasks based on the time allocated to it.

3. Rest
Consistent people are not afraid to ask for rest days.

They know that they deserve to rest and they will do everything possible to get enough rest before focusing on another task.

Do you have friends that always sleep early? or perhaps they’re never online at a specific time of the night?

Most of them might actually have a schedule they follow, this helps them stay relevant for the next day’s work.

When you don’t have enough rest time, you struggle with your work productivity and soon you lose your skills. If you are not careful, you might also lose your job.

4. Personal development
Consistent people are always at the top of their game because they pay the price to learn.

In any industry, you need to learn about the recent trends or you might become obsolete.

You cannot use 2015 skills in 2021 and expect to get paid like people using 2021 skills.

It does not work that way.

Consistent people pay a lot to learn about the recent trends in their industry. They equip themselves with knowledge from past and present legends in their field.

Benefits of consistency

1. Constant recommendation
A consistent person will always receive recommendations for job offers because of their result.

They are almost never in need of a new job, rather a new job is always in need of their skills.

If you want to receive more recommendations for jobs and opportunities, you have to be consistent.

You need to show up for yourself, work hard and smartly in order to achieve what you need.

2. Build a reputation
When people see that you get the job done, they will spread the world.

Although technology has positively influenced the marketing industry, word of mouth still remains a very important marketing tool.

Humans believe you when other people can say good things about your work.

If you have a bad reputation

“For example you over charge but you don’t get the work done effectively this will spread like wildfire. However, if you have a more positive reputation, people will also spread the word around.

3. It pays financially
Ask most successful people about their journey. They will tell you that they never give up despite how tough the journey seems.

They worked hard to achieve the result they have now and that is the secret.

It is never too late to start, today is always a chance to be great at what you want to be.

Top 5 ways to practice consistency

1. Do it
Despite the number of Nike shoes we own, we always forget their slogan ” just do it”.

If you don’t do it now, it will still be waiting for you.

Just the way you make that impulsive purchase to buy that new pair of shoes.
You can do the same with your work, stop procrastinating your job, get to work and put in the effort to showcase your skills to the world.

Stop hurting your future by settling for mediocrity or averageness.

It is better you pay the price now and work twice as hard to get the job done effectively.

2. Have a planner
I cannot overemphasize the benefits of owning a planner.

A lot of successful people always say that written goals are more feasible.

When you write down what you plan to achieve you are just a few steps away from achieving them.

Stop running away from tax and responsibilities if you want to be successful.

The only reason you should run away from tasks and responsibility is if you want to be mediocre forever.

3. Change your thought pattern
A popular passage in the Bible says “As a man thinketh in his mind, so is he.”

If you think you are poor, broke and always incapable of handling tasks then that’s exactly what you are.

Likewise, if you feel like you are ineffective, slow and never able to achieve your dreams then that’s exactly what you will manifest.

Stop complaining about your tasks, duties and responsibilities. Instead, accept that you have the ability to complete your task and responsibility no matter how difficult they may seem.

4. Upgrade your ability
Instead of complaining about the new task you received, take it as an opportunity to grow and improve on your skills and ability.

If something is difficult for you, it forces your brain to think hard to find a way to get the job done.

Don’t run away from hard tasks or jobs, those are the jobs you should actually run towards.

This is completely different from staying in a field you’re not good at.
For example, if you are a fashion writer ensure you focus on your niche. There is absolutely no need to struggle for a tech writing position.

Do you struggle with consistency? Try these tips
Do you struggle with consistency? Try these tips

5. Complete big tasks in bits
If you have a new project the first thing you should do is break it into smaller and achievable goals.

For example, if you’re to work on a website copy you can start with the heroes section then slowly complete order tasks.

You don’t have to finish the entire project in one day, you can start small everyday and soon you will complete it.


Consistency starts from your mind, if you decide to be consistent you can be.

However, if you choose to constantly make complaints and excuses, then that’s exactly what you will do.

Today, make a decision to focus on your tasks, set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Finally, never forget to celebrate your milestones no matter how little they are.