A society without love breeds criminals

Love! This word is so strong that it is capable of breaking the toughest heart.

People that claim to love each other today can go crazy with hate for the same person.

Couples that once loved each other can become their worst enemies later seeking the downfall for one another.

Now, it is very difficult to differentiate between love and obligation.

This might sound disappointing but most people check up on you not because they care but rather for some other motive.

It’s hard to pinpoint who really cares about you.

Most people, especially individuals that suffer from attention deficit disorder, might get aggressive when they realise that people don’t actually care about them.

Rather they are more of a routine or to-do list that should be accomplished.

The lack of love in the society comes from lack of love in the family.

The family is the smallest and closely related institution in the world.

When errors are corrected from the family it has a strong influence on the society.

Most societal vices can be corrected from the grassroots which is the family. However we have inadequate knowledge about this.

A family without love will breed children with no regard for human life, properties and other significant things.

When parents neglect their responsibilities as the first teachers of their kids.

They are simply contributing to the high rate of crime in the society.

The society is not a building, it is made up of you and me. Therefore, any change we want to effect must begin from the family.

Failure in moral upbringing affects the society at large.

In our Society today, a lot of families have no morals, rules, principles or values. For this reason, the society is in a state of anarchy.

Everyone does what is attainable for them despite how it may affect the people around them.

Can love really be the solution to a society filled with criminals?

Is there really hope for the world? If there is, can love help to reduce the crime rate in the world?

What is love?

Love is an action word that is evident through feelings, emotions, words and reaction.

Love is much more than these words “I love you”

A lot of people use these words to impress people and keep them obedient – this can never be love.

Love is more than the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you see your crush, it is more than the respect you have for people older than you.

When you love people, you stand by them despite their flaws and weaknesses.

Love corrects rather than complains, it disciplines not scorn, it endures and tolerates.

Imagine a world where families embrace the principle of love.

A society where kids are lectured about all its benefits from an early age
The world would definitely be a much better place.

What is the relationship between love and crime?

A society without love breeds crime
A society without love breeds crime

A place where love does not exist is a fertile ground for distrust, suspicion which are all factors that can breed crime.

If you truly love yourself, there are some things you can never do to harm yourself.

You cannot do these things because you know that they are detrimental to your survival.

If you love the people around you, you will also mirror these actions.

Those things you cannot do to yourself, you won’t do to them.

When someone steals from you, it shortens your finances. It is more hurtful when you have no other option to get money from .

Love makes you realise that if something can hurt you, it can also hurt others.

Hence, you shouldn’t do the same to your family or friends.

Love is the balance that keeps crime in check. When you make a decision based on love, it is the right decision.

For example, murder is wrong -you won’t kill the person you claim to love.

Let me ask you a simple question: have you ever thought of doing something to someone, however why preparing you decide not to carry on with the act?

This is a perfect example of a healthy conscience. When your mind is filled with hate, your conscience will be dead.

Therefore, love breeds a healthy conscience and a healthy conscience will have a rethink before committing a crime.

Characteristics of love

1. Love is patient

There are people who do things that get on your nerves.

Most times you just want to scream at them or call them out whenever they do something to upset you.

However, you realise that sometimes something holds you back. That force that prevents you from venting or lashing out in anger is love.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set boundaries and put people right when they cross them.

Rather when you point out your boundaries, learn to give people the chance to adapt.

2. Love compromises and considers orders

Everybody is different, we are all distinct people with variant backgrounds and upbringing.

When you love someone, you are conscious of your differences and preferences.

You don’t make combined choices without considering the other party’s likes and dislikes.

3. Love covers flaws and weaknesses

If you love a person you won’t want them to feel embarrassed.

Therefore, you cover their flaws and weaknesses in the presence of a third-party.

Love will prevent gossiping, false accusation, blackmail and all the characters that can expose an individual’s flaws.

Love prevents you from betraying people’s trust.

Have you ever accepted money, a position, or other benefits to spill your friends’ secrets?

True love never betrays trust or compromises friendship.

4. It corrects not complain

When you love someone, you can do everything possible to help.

We all have flaws and weaknesses that we are working on to get better.

If you love yourself enough to realise that you are a work in progress, you also treat people in the same manner.

Criticism and judgement can never be solutions to any issue.

However a more positive approach will be to have a civilized conversation, state the problems you have noticed and work together to find a solution together.

A society without love breeds crime
A society without love breeds crime

3 ways the lack of love breeds crime

• Unforgiveness

An individual without love would struggle to forgive people.

When you cannot forgive people, your mind is filled with thoughts of vengeance.

Vengeance just comes in different forms however its major goal is to repair hurt and pain.

A lot of people have committed murder on their quest for vengeance- murder is a crime punishable by law.

When you forgive wrong doings you’re giving yourself the chance to heal.

However, when you hold on to pain, anger and mistreatment you might be forced to engage in criminal activities.

The truth is that sometimes people do certain things that are unforgivable, things that deserve punishment but we have to learn to let go.

Not for the sake of the wrongdoer but for our sanity.

• Jealousy

If psychologists are allowed to conduct an assessment for most criminals in prison.

I’m fully positive that they may realise that most criminals have a strong foundation of jealousy.

There are two ways you can use jealousy: it can be either positive or negative.

The choice totally depends on you. One form of jealousy pushes you to be better at what you do while the other makes you vengeful and filled with hatred.

Jealousy is the bedrock of different criminal activities such as murder, armed robbery, blackmail and others.

An individual that loves will have no need to use jealousy negatively.

When you feel jealous about someone or something it is better you try to use it in a positive rather than negative way.

• False sense of entitlement

Do you ever feel like you are more deserving of every good thing?

Or perhaps you believe that no one else deserves the promotion except you?

This mentality is born from a place of hatred rather than love.

When you love people, you will celebrate their success and achievement.

You will not make it your life goals to destroy or sabotage their chances of growth and advancement.

4 ways love can reduce crime in the society

1. Understanding

When you love people, you want to listen to them especially when they make mistakes.

You don’t prioritise their errors and mistakes rather you are concerned about their pinpoint.

Why did he/she do this? what is wrong? Did I do something wrong or is she/he struggling with something?

This shows more concern about the well-being of the people you love.

A lot of criminals were misunderstood from an early age. No one gave a listening ear so that shows the life of crime to feel more visible.

2. Compassion for others

Love is about having sympathy for people and the situation they go through.

Compassion is more than just feeling sorry for someone; it involves actually doing something to help the individual no matter how little it may seem.

At a very early age most criminals suffer from different forms of abuse or punishment for little fault.

Of course this shouldn’t be an excuse for crime however they didn’t experience love so, they’re only giving back what they received.

3. Forgiveness becomes a lifestyle

An individual who can forgive easily possesses the major characteristic of love.

The popular statement “love is blind” speaks about its ability to forgive despite the wrong committed.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t get upset or angry when someone offends you.

Rather it is important that you practice forgiveness for your peace of mind.

4. More room for growth and support

Love corrects rather than complains. When you love someone, you would always look for a means to assist and help them out.

You support their business, rehabilitation and you always have their back in the face of challenges.

Rather than reprimanding your loved ones when they fall, you will support them till they rise back.


A world with love is an avenue for growth, progress and advancement. When a community practices love, they show support for friends and families.

However, when you hate, you show no regard for people’s feelings, growth and progress.

Love comes with a form of attachment and a sense of responsibility.

If you love someone, you will do everything possible to avoid hurting them.