7 signs that feeling could be depression

You don’t understand what’s happening? 

Ever since the loss of your loved one 3 years ago, you can’t seem to be happy for more than 30 minutes.

If you are having a good time, do you feel guilty?

Or your friends are always complaining about your abrupt and depressing mood swings.

Now, they leave you out of group outings.

And there’s the overbearing feeling of sadness that you can’t hold in so you cry for hours without a reason.

What could be wrong you wonder?

Is this depression? And here you’re trying to figure it out.

If it’s depression, you need to seek urgent professional assistance because depression is deadly.

3 dangers of depression

7 signs that feeling could be depression
7 signs that feeling could be depression

Depression is not a cool word you use to describe a bad day- it’s worse than a sad day.

It’s a way of life for some people.

It’s an extreme form of sadness, pain, regrets and helplessness. Depression is a dangerous state of mind to live in as it can;

  • Breed suicidal thoughts

If you’re suffering from depression it is important to seek professional help because it can lead to your death.

When you’re depressed, you feel tired and unable to do anything to help yourself. 

You are left with the easier option- death.

Death should not even be an option but because you’re not in the right state of mind, you believe it’s the only way out.

  • Health challenges

Mental stress affects your body’s immune system and makes you susceptible to medical health challenges.

A sound mind is a sound body.

If your mental health is struggling your physical health might also take a BIG hit.

Depression also lures you to health-damaging habits like excessive consumption of alcohol, food, smoking, unprotected sex, drug addiction and other toxic habits that can affect your health or it can be the opposite like forgetting to eat food for days or weeks and keep counting. 

  • It destroys relationships

Depression has a first-class degree in destroying relationships.

Here’s what it does…

The depressed person feels – she/he is living a good life without me.

Their friend/family – I know I should be more patient but I always feel sad whenever I visit her/him.

And that’s how the relationship starts struggling to survive.

At some point, both parties will decide to stop trying and the relationship will come to an end.

I had a friend that was depressed, and our relationship was built on hating our families, especially our parents.

When I became a believer, I started learning about God’s love and forgiveness. 

I decided to let go of the hate and focus on fixing the sour part of my life- this took a major hit on our relationship.

We couldn’t bond over our bad experiences or hurt any more cos I wanted to be happy.

I got happier, got a job and started living a free life.

But my friend couldn’t stand it, while she had sad stories to share, I had exciting ones but I didn’t share much.

Now, our relationship is struggling to survive. 

Here are 7 signs that you might be depressed

7 signs that feeling could be depression
7 signs that feeling could be depression

Now, you’re wondering – if having a sad day doesn’t mean I’m depressed then how can I know if I’m depressed?

These 7 steps will help you identify if you’re depressed or not.

  • You are never truly happy about others’ achievements

How do you feel when people are succeeding in their lives and career but it seems like everyone has left you behind.

  • Why does she always win
  • Can I get the promotion
  • Is he the only person with a brain

If you’re depressed, you’re always scared that people are gonna leave you behind.

So when anyone around you experiences any form of achievement that deserves congratulation.

You might look happy and excited but sometimes it’s hard to hide your true feelings.

  • You’re always sad

When you lose or loved one, have a job contract or break up with your partner- you will get sad.

This can last for days, weeks, months and some years.

Depression is stronger than sadness!

It’s a longing for everything and nothing at the same time, it’s a struggle between what is and what could be.

if you are never happy, always gloomy, unhappy and angry with everything in your life, there’s a high possibility that you’re suffering from depression.

Seek professional assistance for proper diagnosis.

  • Ruining friendship is super-easy for you

One toxic game to identify depression is the victim’s game. If you suffer from depression, you blame everyone but yourself for everything bad that happens.

You can’t blame your friends for living a happy life.

They invited you to hang out and you said No, now you’re seeing pictures online and you’re upset.

There are only so much people who can tolerate it.

At some point, they’ll leave you to yourself and your blame games.

  • Your popular mantra is – life is not fair to me

This might be hard to believe but life shows its good and bad sides to everyone.

Some people learn to make lemons from lemonades while others cry and blame the universe for being unfair.

Life is so unfair! Does this sound familiar? is this a regular statement you make?

That could be a sign of depression, consult your doctor.

  • It’s hard to sleep without crying every night

Some days it’s normal to cry at night because you remembered a sad event. 

But if this is normal- you can’t sleep without crying then you need urgent help from a professional.

Crying every night is a major sign of depression and it’s risky if you live alone.

You can faint from exhaustion or hurt yourself to get rid of the pain.

  • You derive joy talking about sad events

When sad events happen to us, it’s hard to get rid of them. It’s easier to forget beautiful memories but the sad ones stick around for a while.

If you’re suffering from depression, sad events are the highlights of your day.

It’s like an “aha-moment”, “I told you so moment”

You always expect the worst to happen, so when it does you are not surprised.

You feel happy that you were able to predict it.

  • Jealous and hatred are your deadliest weapon

Who said depression doesn’t have friends? Jealousy and hatred are depression besties.

Are you always jealous of people’s achievements? You can’t stand to see someone leaving their best life?

For no reason, you hate every successful person including your friends and siblings.

That’s a major sign of depression.


You can’t make an accurate decision based on this article but you can have a clue about your depression status.

You need to speak to a professional therapist.

Depression is not your friend, it steals your friends and live you all alone.

Fight hard to get rid of it.