11 High Paying Work From Home Jobs without a Degree

To become a Facebook Ads Manager, you can follow up the course designed like the Facebook Side Hustle by Mike Yanda to start up your Facebook Ads Management business. Just so you know, Buildremote may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page to help keep this site running. Translators convert content from one language to another, typically in written form. Transcription is the process of turning an audio recording into written format. A transcriptionist is typically a person with high attention to detail and fast and accurate typing skills. This job is a good fit for those who pay close attention to detail and are able to switch from task to task easily.

  • You can sharpen these skills by taking an online course or enrolling in an online coding bootcamp.
  • An information technology (IT) security specialist is one of the highest paying jobs you can get without a formal education.
  • Also, a basic understanding of Microsoft Office and Google Drive will help.

Employers typically ask that applicants have some experience in the field, but a degree is rarely required. While job openings in this field could rise as more workers return to the office, the position is also one that offers plenty of opportunities for remote work. The key responsibilities — managing schedules, coordinating meetings, communicating with clients — are ones that can often be done from home.

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Graphic designers typically, but not always, have a bachelor’s degree, but a strong portfolio of your work is paramount regardless. To help job seekers without a bachelor’s degree find professional positions, we’ve identified 20 remote jobs that don’t always require a degree. Most companies nowadays lean heavily on the Internet for recruitment, with sites like LinkedIn and Indeed among the most popular destinations. But some online job boards specialize in remote job opportunities in high-paying industries. On Virtual Vocations, for example, there are listings for over 4,000 remote coding jobs, some of which do not require a four-year degree. Remote work has always been popular for its flexibility, and lucrative remote jobs are becoming more common.

Client services positions combine sales management and customer service skills. Tasks include helping clients with complex issues and identifying other areas of opportunity to help keep their business. Being a client services professional means being able to work as a liaison between the company and the client to ensure that projects run smoothly and on schedule. A remote job is a job you can perform outside of the office, at home, or from anywhere in the world. Some entry-level tech jobs require employees to work certain hours, while others afford employees the privilege of choosing their own hours. You can choose from a wide range of remote jobs depending on your qualifications, skills, and previous experience.

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As a Facebook Ads Manager, your job would be to run lead generation campaigns for small businesses making use of Facebook Ads manager. According to reports, there are about 3.9 million Americans who now work remotely at least half of the time, and that figure could only be on the increase. Data entry is the process of moving information from one place to another or updating information as it changes. Data entry could be moving figures paper to digital format, switching data from one system to another, or updating records in an existing database. Research jobs also ranked highly in our article on the best jobs for work life-balance.

Martkovich says building a roster of recurring clients and upskilling through online marketing courses offered by Google and Meta helped him build a successful freelance career. Alex Martkovich, a freelance digital marketing manager in Toronto, charges anywhere from $150 to $3,995 on Fiverr for his services. According to Fiverr, a freelancing marketplace, most freelance marketing jobs are remote, too, so marketing managers can work from anywhere and set their own hours, as long as they meet their project deadlines.

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