7 reasons your dream life seems like a fairytale

7 reasons your dream life seems like a fairytale

Just imagine all the pictures in your head becoming a reality?

How would you feel?

A mansion in an affluent region, a love-life made in heaven, beautiful kids, a spouse that loves you deeply, unlimited income flow.

It all sounds like fantasy, right?

No! You are wrong. All these supposed fantasies in your head are people’s reality.

They did it, so why can’t you!

There are a million and one books written on the role the mind plays in your becoming. Have you studied any?

Reading and studying are two different concepts, studying is a deeper and more intense form of reading.

You read novels but you study the bible and your school textbooks.

Ask yourself this question; have I studied any book on the mind and its role in my dream life?

If you haven’t, this is the first step you need to take.

Here is an exercise you should take before diving further into the article;

Scroll through your social media feeds or use a hashtag to be more specific. If your dream is to own a beautiful house, use the hashtag #beautifulhouses.

A lot of feeds would pop up, what does this tell you?

It shows that what you consider a dream is already a reality in someone else’s life.

This reality shouldn’t make you sad, rather it should serve as a motivation. You can take some screenshot, print out the images, and add it to your vision board.

Do you still see your dream as impossible? Keep reading to find out why you think so;

1. Self-doubt

The fastest way to kill your dream is to believe you can’t achieve it. It is better to have no dream than to have one and believe you can’t get it.

One factor that stops most people from believing that their dreams are unachievable is overanalysis.

Here is a mental picture;
Wow! My dreams seem so beautiful and surreal but how? How do I get it? Look at where I am now, how do I even get there. Then panics set it.

Why bother about the process? The process to the top is continuous and it’s filled with trials and errors.

The habits you need to possess are; consistency, resilience, hard work, and leadership.

Other processes will come and go but these skills will keep you at the top for life.

2. Dreams without actions

Earlier on, I stated that you should not focus all your attention on the process. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan.

To get your dream life, you need a dream plan. If you want to buy a car, you need to cut down on your spending, save money and get an extra job perhaps.

These are plans and they differ from the process.

A plan is an actionable series of short goals to achieve the bigger goal. A process on the other hand is the different events that may occur while seeking to buy a car.

For example, you might not like the new job, the price of the car might skyrocket, you may not like the car any longer or an emergency might take all your savings.

All these are processes, some may happen, others may not. Monitored plans yield effective results! Stop daydreaming! Dream at night and work during the day.

7 reasons your dream life seems like a fairytale
7 reasons your dream life seems like a fairytale

3. Past and present circumstances

A lot of toxic and negative circumstances can stop one from believing that their dream life is achievable.

For example, if part of your fairytale is to have a partner that loves, respects, and adores you this is a beautiful dream.

However, if you were in a toxic relationship with a narcissist or suffered from domestic violence, you might believe that your dream is far-fetched.

In life, learn to pick out the lessons from your past life, don’t let them keep you weak and unable to achieve all your goals.

Past lessons should serve as a guide that keeps you away from repeating similar mistakes. They should never stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.

4. Pessimism

If you are always expecting bad things to happen to you then, that’s exactly what would happen.

Ralph Emerson said: You become what you think about all day long.

What are you thinking about? Success or failure, wealth or poverty?

Make it a habit to stay positive despite how difficult the situation might seem.

Note that positivity is completely different from toxic positivity. Positivity is simply believing that where you are now is not where you would be forever.

This is what your perspective of life should be like;

“I might not have enough money right now, but I know I would have enough to give out someday”

“I may be broke now but I would owe my property”

Speak these words daily and engage in actionable patterns that would yield results.

5. Lack of motivation

A lot of successful people say “you need to be able to motivate yourself” and I support this statement.

People may not be around forever but there’s someone that’s not going anywhere and that’s you.

You need to build a wall of growth, development, love, and confidence within yourself.

Keep a journal of your little success, take pictures of successful memories, celebrate your little wins, keep a list of songs, movies, and books that give you motivation.

6. Zero regard for self-development

Your dream life would forever remain a fairytale if you do not focus on self-development.

If you want to be a successful writer, you need to pay the price by; Reading lots of books, writing every day, honing your crafts, and staying up-to-date.

This applies to every other skill you want to acquire. Dedicate yourself to personal development and lifestyle enhancement.

7. Criticising other people’s success

Stop being so critical about people’s successful lives, it’s not your life.

If people got their wealth illegally then it’s their business and not yours.

Be so focused on your dreams and goals that you have zero tolerance to speak ill about people.


Everything you want is achievable, if you can perceive it, you can see it, first, you need to believe then, you need to act.

Don’t sleep on your dreams, put in the hard work, and soon your dream Life would be a reality

Always remember that there is someone out there right now who is living the life you dream about.