13 relationship advice every young couple must know

You got a boy/girl friend? Now, you’re searching for relationship advice?

That’s a good step.

Not many do this, a lot of young couples roll with the flow and end up with long-lasting hurt.

Relationships at an early age is risky! 

Of course it can lead to marriage but a higher percentage lead to heartbreak.

That’s not great for you!

So here are things you need to know, to guide you while making your decisions.

All the relationship advice may not apply to you, pick out the one that resonates with you and stick with it.

You might be curious about the writer…

  • What does she/he know?
  • How can she be so sure?  

Here’s my answer for you…

These 13 relationship advice will have you navigate young love or stay away from it till you’re ready.

1. Sex is not love

13 relationship advice every young couple must know
13 relationship advice every young couple must know

We live in a world where everyone had a personal opinion about sex.

Some say premarital sex is right and others say it’s wrong.

All these can be confusing for you, however, it’s a decision you have to make yourself.

But here’s a fact – Sex is not love.

You can have random sex with different people and not love them, it’s a physical experience for pleasure.

God created sex as a consummation for love but now, that’s not what it is!

Don’t let someone deceive or coerce you to proof your love for them through sex.

Sex will never be the proof of love.

2. Physical touch can confuse your mind

13 relationship advice every young couple must know
13 relationship advice every young couple must know

Kisses, hugs, cuddles and other forms of physical touch can make you believe you love someone.

But that’s not real.

You are attracted to the feelings and desires you get from the touch.

This is known as infatuation.

The best advice is to stay away from the person and such activities.

Go on a date with yourself and have a personal brainstorming session.

“A personal brainstorming session is a date with yourself to figure out your thoughts and make rational decisions.”

3 examples of questions you want to ask yourself are…

  • Do I like him/her?
  • What about him/her do I like?
  • Am I attracted to her/his touch 

Be truthful! You can lie to anyone but not yourself.

Even if you try to lie to yourself, you will always know the truth.

3. It takes maturity to build a relationship

A relationship is more than Kisses, hugs  cuddles and sex.

It had other parts like hard work, patience, sacrifice and selflessness.

That’s why a lot of people are always looking out for relationship advice to keep theirs afloat.

It’s not something you want to do because everyone is doing it.


Because it has the ability to hurt you forever.

If you want to start a relationship just for the fun of it, don’t do it. Get a hobby.

A lot of marriages are suffering because of the hurt they had while dating for fun.

Learn a new hobby for fun, don’t ever date for fun.

4. STDs are real

If you’re in an active sexual relationship or you want to start…

Remember that sexual transmitted disease is not a story line from a fiction book.

It’s as real as death!

How are you so sure your partner is clean? Are you the only one she/he is sleeping with?

If you’re not, what are the chances that you won’t contract the disease?

You’re saying…even married couples cheat.

But you aren’t married and this post is not for married people.

It is for you to be self aware and protect yourself.

5. Teenage pregnancy vs abortion can end your life

It’s not the first time you’re hearing of this, is it?

Some teenagers have lost their lives while going through an abortion.

Others have complications and develop fertility issues in their older age.

And of course some get away unscathed.

Which will you fall under? You can’t tell. 

It’s a dangerous casino game and you’re gambling with your life.

Other than death and complications during abortion, some teens get depressed and confused when they get pregnant.

They’re scared to tell their parents, the guy says he’s not responsible so they choose to die rather than face shame.

This is not the kind of life you should choose for yourself.

6. You don’t have to join your friends

Don’t join the dating club because all your friends are dating.

That’s quite sad if you think hard about it.

It means you have to do things even when you don’t like it because you want to be accepted by your friends.

What kind of friends are those?

Friends that don’t respect your decision but make you feel bad and stupid…

You should end that toxic relationship.

7. “I love you” is now a commonized word

Not everyone that says “I love you” means it. People throw these three words around to get what they want.

Some people might be bold and tell you what they want, but others won’t do that.

They will lure you with sweet talks about love and once you give them what they’re after, they move to the next prey.

Everyone can say “I love you” but only a few mean it. 

8. It’s okay to be 16 and not dating

It’s okay to be the only one without a girl/boy friend.

This doesn’t make you weird, stupid or ugly.

That’s a big lie.

Date when you know you’re ready for it not for fun or to practice.

9. You don’t owe anyone sex


That’s right! You don’t owe anyone sex.

The Bible says owe no man nothing but love(God’s love).

10. Being a virgin dosen’t mean you’re stupid and naive

13 relationship advice every young couple must know

It’s more stupid that people think being a virgin is stupid.

Hey! You don’t even have to tell anyone, it’s none of their business.

Oh and you don’t have to argue with any one that think being a virgjn is stupid.

Tell a stupid person he/she is stupid and you just became the second stupid one.

Leave them to their belief and stick to yours.

11. It’s okay to get your parents consent before dating

13 relationship advice every young couple must know
13 relationship advice every young couple must know

At this age, we all believe that our parents are old school, they don’t know what’s trending.

This might be true in a way, but you are also wrong!

Your parents have passed through this age (gen Z or not). They know what it’s like to be in a relationship.

You’re scared they might say no!

And your friends will laugh at you that you’re a mommy’s boy or a daddy’s girl.

But isn’t that better than suffering from a heartache that you can’t handle?

12. It might be trending but you don’t have to like it  

Having a girl/boyfriend is the latest trend?

Oh really that’s cool but I don’t need one right now.

This should be your approach to the latest trends.

Don’t do things because it’s trending, do it because it aligns with your principles and values.

Your friends might make fun of you, but that’s okay.

You still don’t have to join the hashtag!

13. Don’t ever forget that God loves you 

The best way to live your life as a teen is God’s way.

The love of God for us is stronger than the most romantic relationship you’ve experienced.

God’s love is not all talk and no action, his love is priceless, patient, understanding, forgiving, kind and eternal.

The most interesting thing about God’s love is, he loved us even when we didn’t care.

The love of God is the real deal.


Pick any of these relationship advice and live with it.

Let it guide and strengthen you when you feel like the odd one in the room.

Be comfortable in God’s love, listen to your parents and make decisions that support your principles and values.